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wanted cars in GTA3?


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There is 3 of them, one is in Shoreside Vale, emergency crane and the inport export garage is in portland harbour to find them, here are the instructions-

4 portland in port export garage and crane

Go 2 the main entrance 4 portland Harbour. Go to the left all the way to the wall. Face the wall then turn right into that little ally. Look At the left 4 another alley, go in there. drive to the right when u get out of the alley and there should be a garage near the back wit a list of cars, thats the garage. If u want 2 find the Crane, around the back of the garage is a yellow mark on the ground, put all the vhicles wit a side mission and an extra Barracks ol

Shoreside Vale

Start at the police station at SV. Go 2 the right intill ur at the entrance 4 the dam so stop there. Go 2 the right and look right and u should see a garage wit a list 4 cars.

Re- Try 2 do these without the car mods

Crane Car List





Barracks Ol


Fire truck

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