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whats ur fav island?


favorite island  

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  1. 1. wich is your favorite island?

    • Portland
    • Staunton
    • shoreside vale

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i hate Shoreside Vale because its quite dificult getting one place to another. For Example If you are at the Airport and dont want to use the porter tunnel then its quite dificult unless you dont want to do the unique jump.

Map of Shoreside


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I only like the airport on shoreside because its easier to get to than the rest of shoreside.

The reason i like Staunton the best is because its the longest island with more roads and more Sports Cars and is one of the easiest islands to get around in.

I like Portland because of the El-Train track and its the easiest to get around in

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Anybody could believe I never used the Shoreside Vale safehouse once I discovered it wasn't too far for saving in Staunton and just cross the bridge to the places as they are near the airport (Donald, 8-Ball and the police station) and yeah it worked. Why I didn't use the safehouse, you should have known it by now.

Guess it before you watch...

Because the damn Cartel are outside and it took me a while to find the garage.

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I'd also rather use the Staunton Island because

it's near the pay n' spray, a high building if you watch outside through the window, I would have loved to live in such a cool house. But the Shoreside Vale is without a doubt the biggest of all the houses, but it's a bit creepy.

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