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What type of person would you want as the main character?


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Maybe i didnt get my ideas across properly ill explain again.

Be a 13 year old who does pettly little crimes but doesnt have access to guns. Petty crimes is slashing people tires mugging people. Only playing as a 13 year old fro about 6 to 10 missions

As you grow older say at 18 then the guns and vehicles will be used like all the other gta games. You can commit serious crimes and kill whoever you want provided you have the guns etc.

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i dont mind which person i haev as long as you can customize hime in every possible way

i agree, customizable like in the godfather, but better clothes (duh!)

Better way would be like Saints Row changing, I think it's every possible but never played it. Why, stupid GTA clone with eye candy and no imagination.

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