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10 Previews and Many New Screens

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There have been many previews and screenshots of Vice City Stories appearing on the web today. As there is such a large number of them I've consolidated everything into this one post.

For those of you who are just interested in the screens, I've uploaded all of the new screenshots to our VCS Screenshots page.


IGN have posted their Preview and a couple of brand new Screenshots

Eurogamer have followed suit and also posted a preview of their own with one new screen.


Gamesradar have posted a Preview along with some Screenshots, all of which are seen in other previews today.


SPOnG have a preview of VCS on their site, there are no new screens in this one though. As well as this, ComputerAndVideogames have 2 new screenshots for your viewing pleasure/


German gaming site 4Players.de have a whopping 8 new screens, 2 of them being exclusives.

GameSpy have also posted 2 new screenshots, in addition to some old ones with a weird blue effect on them.


GameSpot have posted some new screens, as well as some of the older ones now without their watermarks.


TotalVideogames have posted a preview but with no new screens.

Finally, what seems to be the last preview comes from 1UP, they also have a few new screens with their article.

Enjoy reading through all those articles! I myself couldn't really find any new information. However, one screenshot shows an air ambulance. Whether we'll be able to carry out the Ambulance missions in this is unclear, but it seems pointless putting in an air ambulance if we can't use it.

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