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what safe house do you like the most?

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CJs house,all the ones in the desert,and all the ones in the country

(sorry for the off topic question but wat does IMO and BTW mean)

LOL thats pretty funny :rofl2: But here you go man hope it helps

IMO=In my opinion

IMHO=In my honest opinion

BTW=By the way

IDK=I dont know

AFIK=As far as i know

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1. The beach house in Santa Maria. Since it looks KINDA similar to my house in Bali, except for the interiors, if I remember it correctly.

2. The Old Abandoned Airstrip. Biggest garage, most useful one (espescially when you're in the middle of the desert and is too lazy/exhausted to drive to the mainland of Las Venturas).

3. The one in the Camel's Toe hotel and the "Pirates In Men's Pants" hotel. Anybody here doesn't like suite rooms? :)

4. Finally, CJ's house. Home sweet home...

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