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99 Red Balloons - The New Hidden Packages?

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UGO.com have put up an interesting hands-on preview of Vice City Stories. In it they discuss a couple of missions they get to play, and they also give away details on what could be the new 'hidden packages'. Of course it could just be another thing to find, it's not quite clear yet.

Once we arrived at the marker, a quick gun battle ensued. In the middle of the carnage, we managed to pop a red balloon nearby, calling up a message reading 1 of 99 red balloons found. Get it? Oh '80s humor!

Nena's 99 Red Balloons was of course featured on the Vice City soundtrack, albeit her original German version, 99 Luftballons. Another nice humourous piece from Rockstar there, and 1 less package for us to find it seems! Whether the German or English version of the song will be in the game is unknown, but yet again, we are told to expect an awesome soundtrack.

Also confirmed in the preview was that we will be working for both the Mendez brothers, it was previously unclear to whether both or just one of them was in the game.

Link: UGO.com

Thanks to jarjar for the heads up.

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