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More Multiplayer VCS Previews and Screenshots

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More top gaming sites have been busy writing previews of the multiplayer features they've been shown in Vice City Stories. Today, UGO and Eurogamer posted new previews, and you may remember yesterday we posted about Gamesradar and their pulled down article, well that's back up now.

In addition to all the new previews are more screenshots, UGO have two 'exclusive' shots (with watermarks), Gamesradar also have one exclusive shot. There's also 8 more screenshots which were given to all the gaming sites over the past few days.

UGO and Gamesradar Exclusives

gr_exclusive1.jpg ugo_exclusive1.jpg ugo_exclusive2.jpg

The other screens

army_officer.jpg baseball_bats.jpg drunk_1.jpg drunk_2.jpg multiplayer_01.jpg multiplayer_02.jpg sitting_on_the_car_again.jpg spaz_shotgun.jpg

Links: Gamesradar, UGO, Eurogamer, VCS Screenshots

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