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Motley's Crew

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Anybody remember the comic strip "Motley's Crew?" It used to be on all the local newspapers. Anyway, it was about this working class stiff named Mike Motley who had a wife named Mabel and two charming kids named Truman and Tacoma. Well, anyway, there's this comic strip that was really humorous to me. It was one of the July 1997 comic strips (I forgot which date exactly). Mabel told Mike to get changed for the in-laws' visit but he refused but Mabel made him get dressed anyway and to shake hands with his in-laws :). Does anyone either have a scan of this particular comic strip or know of a website or archive book which would have this comic strip in picture format ^_^?

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Here is the complete recap of the comic strip done in essay form if you ever feel geeky enough.


Mike was comfortably sitting on the couch drinking a can of beer while looking outside at Mabel's shrubs. His face hadn't been shaved for days and he was having a perfect day at home away from the pressures of work. With the backdrop of the situation being a weekend afternoon, the non-verbal emotions demonstrated by Mike were a combination of both indifference and pity. He was wearing a tee shirt with boxer shorts in addition to wearing a pair of slippers on his feet; a type of footwear that is primarily for casually lounging around at home. Mabel came up to him and said "What on earth are you doing? Abel and Buffy will be here any second now" while putting on her earrings. Mike immediately replied with the remark "This's is as dressed up as I'm getting," believing that a tee shirt and a pair of boxer shorts were suitable attire for a visit by a couple of people who belonged to his extended family.
Mabel almost immediately gave Mike a pair of black eyes due to his inability to follow her instructions as the result of a marital dispute. A forceful change into a white tie outfit was made in order for Mabel to save herself from being humiliated by her brother and his wife. The white briefs that Mabel got out from one of the dresser drawers for Mike were not tucked in adequately after replacing the boxer shorts. This would have caused the top portion of the waistband to stick out like a sore thumb.
Abel is seen wearing a normal business suit and Buffy is in a black sweater and a long skirt while holding an elegant white handbag. They enter Mabel and Mike Motley's house to see their embarrassed brother-in-law Mike Motley being forced to dress up in a white tie outfit that was completely inappropriate for the afternoon visit. Simply by shaving her husband's facial hair to the point of making his face bleed, Mabel had the inner strength to meddle in Mike's spare time in order to create an illusion of superiority to her frugal relatives.
She wanted to hide her husband's bald spot so that Abel and Buffy wouldn't notice. Mike ended up going into a muddled state when Mabel's older sister and brother-in-law came into the living room to greet an enthusiastic Mabel while barely conjuring a second thought after Abel managed to shake the hand of an almost uncooperative Mike. He was just finishing up a typical marital spat between him and his wife Mabel when Abel and Buffy suddenly arrived. If that wasn't enough, the gruelling process of getting dressed in white tie caused his bald spot to be more clearly shown.
The conversation was quickly started with a "Hi ya" to Abel and Buffy. This was said with a slight speech defect because Mike was recovering from the black eyes that Mabel gave him before dressing him up for the event. The speech consisted of the nonsensical sentence "Hi ya Abel Buffy" because the words didn't come out of Mike's mouth completely clear after trying to greet Abel and Buffy as individuals (he instead greeted them like they were one person). The effects of the black eye inflicted by Mabel could have forced him to see them literally as one person. In the caption that represented Mike's welcome to Abel and Buffy, there was no comma between "ya" and "Abel." In addition to this, the word "and" was missing between the names "Abel" and "Buffy." When closely examining the formality of the visit by his wife's relatives, the meeting seems to conform with Victorian standards. The women are wearing dresses instead of trousers, the men are in formal gear and introducing each other by shaking hands in a traditional manner.
Continuity from that comic strip lasted only until the next day's comic strip, where Mike Motley is wearing a short-sleeved black tee shirt and complains to his wife about how his brother-in-law Abel was doing some maintenance work on his tires when he was not supposed to. The black eye was completely removed from Mike's eyes in addition to the bandage on his nose being removed. Neither Mabel nor Mike's clothes were shown from below the waist; it was assumed that Mike was wearing either shorts or a casual pair of long pants while Mabel had a casual skirt with her black top. Mike's visit with his Mabel's brother and his wife turned out to be a disaster because Abel and Buffy never had much of a speaking role throughout the entire visit.
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Well, as it happens, I'm watching Viacom's offshoot of MTV and VH1 called Palladia and they're airing Carnival of Sins MOTLEY CRUE live in HD

Not a big fan, but you do know, MC the band, they're calling it quits for their musical career, and that David Gilmour says Pink Floyd is also over with.

If you missed your chance to see these classic rock acts live, I feel bad for you... if you can. try and get out to some classic artist concerts. Seems a trend of late that most are actually retiring!!



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