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What do we need...

Urban Legend

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Urban.I am with you.

Problem is.

There are no Active stunters on TGTAP.(exept Slayer of course and more)

GhostChild it seems years that you made an appearence.

Guides and FAQ untill i think are already enough.

To spice this up i think making a Collab Stunt Vedio.A one that doesnt fall apart.

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Well I guess it's up to you guys to bring this back to life. We've organised (Ghost has started the project) TGTAP community vid, but it was very bad in the terms of stunters. But we said that we'll succed and finish the project, unlike the one that fell apart. So there were just 4 stunters, but it dm. The VC project fell apart though :(.

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I dont know? Anyway, who was organizing the community vid and stuff?

You mean the one in Past.

i dunno.I came pretty late on the scene at that time.

But i read the post later.

And some guy called Scythe(yeah i think i got the spelling wrong) who agrees on editing.

And 3 stunters.Probably we'll get more.Once the members wake up tomorrow and read this up.

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Ghost has organized the VC project. He had some probs with his PC so he couldn't edit, and the project fell apart. Some of those people have left the forums.

You might wanna restart the project, but the chances that you'll suceed are very low. Man, it's not sure whether the vid will be finished at all. There are just not enough stunters on this site. I don't know why are people so scared to give it a shot. I'm sure my first stunting vid would be much worse than the comm vid, since the 3rd pearson selects only the good stunts.

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