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Hardest Mission

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I hate hate hate HATE Dildo Dodo and i will hate it till i die. The driver? Yeah irritatingly hard. The little heli mission (where you end up blowing a house) was a tough one too, but after i learned how to fly that thing it got kinda easy. An of course the little plane mission, where you have to blow up moving boats and a car - hell yeah i hated it. But i kinda liked death row cause i could shoot those bastards in so many ways. In ^^^ missions you have only one way (i.e. learn to fly/drive ).

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The hardest missions , in my opinion , are :

1 . Demoliton Man ( i can't complete it !)

2 . Death Row ( that took me one month !!!)

3 . The Driver

4 . Dildo Dodo

5 . Publicity Tour

6 . Supply&Demand

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I remember 3 missions that were pretty hard, can't say exactly which one was the hardest though...

-Death Row, Diaz's guys were very tough, I passed the mission by landing a Maverick on top of the Hangar in which Lance was (a hangar in a junkyard? Anyway), then took out the guys with whatever weapons I had on me, landed the Maverick on the hangar entrance and took Lance to the hospital.

-The Job, was fun though.

-G-Spotlight, wasn't difficult but challenging, much easier after I learned to speed tap though.

And there would also be Dildo Dodo, it wasn't hard but it gave me a lot of headaches cause, if you run it without Frame Limiter on a fast PC the plane just refuses to fly.

I should mention the easiest missions as well:

-The Driver, although unfair when you 1st look at it (Sabre Turbo vs Sentinel), it was pretty fun. And since I'm Sup4h MLG Pr0h at driving in GTA...

-Keep Your Friends Close, just camping really.

-Cop land, them idiots didn't even see me commin'

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It has been so long that I can not remember how difficult certain missions were; although "The Driver", "The Job", and "Checkpoint Charlie" certainly were. One that stands out in my mind was "G-Spotlight" because the damn bike would blow up from all of that jumping, usually only about one or two jumps from the end. That and overshooting a landing and ending up on the pavement.

A side mission that took a lot of tries to complete was that "PCJ Playground". I remember missing a landing, or crashing into a building or a pole, or missing a sharp turn and falling off lots of times. The worst was at the end when you have to launch at just the right speed and land on top of a building without over or under shooting it.

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