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Pets in GTA


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I would have to say that if GTAIV has as much or more wilderness as San Andreas, there should be animals.

Bears, mountain lions, wolves, dear, rabbits, wild boars, etc. Anything that would make the wilderness more interesting.

Bigfoot would be cool too.

And of course domesticated animals as well since if Bully can have dogs, why not GTA?

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But if we can hurt them, it will be a big problem. Because R* is gonna be attacked again by those guys up in the Animal Rights agencies.

I don't know why everyone thinks this. There are games out there where you kill animals. Even free raoming games, like gun, in which you kill animals. So far animal rights groups haven't had a problem with that. There are also numerous hunting games in which you shoot animals. So I really don't think animal rights groups are going to be a problem. For Christ's sake you can kill people in the game. I'm not saying that killing animals is any less appauling, but the fact is that the majority of the public does look at it that way.

So in short: Animals in GTA - yes. Pets in GTA - I wouldn't care either way. The ability to kill the animals as well as anything else that moves - yes.

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A mission where you have to kill a dog with an minigun or with a rocket launcher or with a truck or with an NUCLEAR BOMB :evil::whistle:

That is disgusiting and sick and if that ever happened I would vow never to play that game ever and would complain about it. Who would ever want to kill a dog with a rocket launcher, I think its sick and should never be allowed on games. Sorry if this offends anyone.

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