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Vice City Stories Officially Out Now


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It's Halloween today, also known as October 31st, which means Vice City Stories has been officially released across North America. Some people in other countries have already received their copies of the game, and thanks to exploits made possible through various homebrew applications, are already taking digital screenshots and sharing them in forums - these show you exactly how the game will look on your PSP.

In other news, Rockstar have made a minor update to the official site by way of a link to Urge where over 80 songs from the soundtrack can be downloaded. Urge of course have exclusivity rights lasting until mid-November, at which time iTunes will also have the songs to download.

Looking at other pages on the site, it's probable there will be one final update (occurring in mid-November) to obviously add the link to iTunes, but also to update the downloads page which still says "More coming soon", presumably this means more wallpapers and such like are on the way.

If you're playing Vice City Stories and want to tell everyone how great it is, or if you need help with missions for example, head on down to our forums where you'll find plenty of people willing to help you on your escapades through the city of Vice, and who can provide answers to many of your questions.

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