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well, for me VCS is 8/10

here are my thoughts and critics:

-creative, original gameplay, although the original one were a certain hit, so no point of comparing those two

-the story is excellent, almost better than the first vice, despite the fact that vice city is like a copy of scarface

-the missions were shorter, they could make it longer, but it's creative though

-the features were very appealing and when you play it, it gets better

-the empire feature wasn't too creative, and it's more like a side missions, i hope they make a better one in GTA IV

-the graphics weren't bad, but not too good, seems like they couldn't make a creative changes in ps2 besides the easter eggs

-too many glitches, and they couldn't fix all of it on the ps2 version

that's all though, this game were a major hit to the psp and ps2! :coolthumbup:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well I'm almost done and I got it like 5 days ago but so far it seems pretty good I give it 9/10. Pretty good storyline, awesome soundtrack, some fun new stuff, but yeah the gangs attacking your Empire pisses me off too. Overall it seems like a great game.

Edit: Just finished the game like 20 minutes ago and my opinion didn't change one bit. I still love it and give it a 9/10.

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