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My friend likes to mess around on there but not complete any missions. How many female members (beside me and kokane) are active?

even kokane isn't very active nowadays, since she's busy with her university course. She was only really active for like a year or so, when me and her had that whole infamous internet thing going on (you can do a little searching around and find out more if you really want to know). Then since then she's kinda inactive, but does check back every now and again, sometimes posting in some of the forum games. She's cool though, she used to play MTA VC as well which was cool. Only played with her once though.

Congrats on your 1000th post btw!

Guys have you seen how off topic you're causing us to go, Jesus Christ, lol, this topic is for discussing elitism, or at least members who got into the group!

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I find that pretty sad, my friends used to moan when I would talk about gta. That why I joined so I had people to talk to about it.

Ya.Same here.All my friends like NBA games.NBA games are like the worst made games to me <_<

no missions? I think that's the best part. but if you don't know the story line just roving arround is cool.

my first time playing gta was gta3 at a friends house. before that I only played mario and stuff. I was like woowaaa. this is the best game eva!!!

Ya.I got Gta 3 first.My cousin used to live with me when he has 12-14 or 15 and I was like 4-7.Through that time he needed a game for him.Not jsut what we had.So he bought Gta 3.He beat it in 6 days.He's also beaten VC but not SA yet.He can't right now cause he's at college and has no time on hands but anyway.I played it and loved it.But I was going to church when I was playing it.Mom said i can't play anymore <_< Then when I was 10 shawn came down when he's like 16-17 and I asked my parents if I could play and they said yes :coolthumbup: Next day I bought VC.Year later or two i bought SA.They're all great.

I've been out of town since Thursday, just got home tonight((Sunday)). Was at Anime South in Destin, Florida all weekend with the girlfriend.

I am back now, in time for the news.

Hope that was nice.

On a second note, thus whole elite thing seems pretty nice. But staying here for a year? I understand it's a must, but dang.

I've been here three years. A year is nothing. I'll spend a year doing something, look back, and THEN realise it has been a year.

Ya.A year is nothin.Even three doesn't seem likee much...

:thumbsup: 3 years,WOW Spaz how do you did it? I think i will stay here 6 years.

Why only six.Too old??

2 years is pretty good. I plan on sticking around I dont have anyone to talk to about gta otherwise

Ya.To bad.But we're good talking about Gta lol.

Whats e-1337?

Im glad it is open to females aswell as males I was worried when I joined that I wouldnt be welcome. I dont know any girls who play gta either

Totally welcomed.

edit:Won't go offtopic now Chris lol.

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In case you're wondering why this topic is pinned it's because we'll be posting updates to it whenever we make new people elite members.

One of those updates (sort of) comes now, as I stupidly missed off 4 members from the original elite list (2 of them I've known online for years, 1 of them was an active poster from when these forums started, up until the release of SA when he seemed to disappear, and finally an active poster who is still posting today).

They are in alphabetical order: Cam., Dennis, Precision, and Shifty.

I apologise for missing you four off the original list. The next real (proper) update will come in December for those who are eagerly awaiting a possible inclusion to the Elite ;)

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