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U forgot to mention one thing (which is imp)

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I've uploaded(submitted) my 1st mod. All I got just a msg that - (SwapniLs5(cars)in1MOD2005978442.rar submitted!

Thank you for submitting this modification to our database, an admin will hopefully approve of your submission soon. Click here to continue.)

I think u should mention 1 thing i.e. once aproved by administrator your mod will be available for download within 72 hours.

I got this kind of responce frm moddb.com so that I understand how much time it'll take.

I'm eager to see my mod & wnt to download it by many peoples n members to see it works.

Plz Think n REPLY

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Though I'd like to point out you're one of the most impatient people I've ever met. You submitted (and I think it was you but let me know if it wasn't) a picture of the day about 10 times today, presumably the same one with the same caption, and obviously it there was something wrong because the image never showed up, this is clearly just a random bug and doesn't mean you should keep on submitting hoping for the best, just try another time.

Also you have submitted your mod 4 times now. I did respond to one of your 9 PM's that I had received so you already knew I had got your mod, no need to keep submitting.

Ok I've finished complaining about you and will think about giving a timespan on the submittal form, thing is I never have the time to go and check through, download each one and make sure its not got shit inside, then there's the problem that half the people don't upload a damn screenshot so nobody has got any idea what the hell the mod looks like. So damn stressful.

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