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I mentioned in certain forums, well, replied is better put, that there would be a crop dusting type mission where you must ruin a farm crop in a crop dusting plane. Although the information was taken in by few, it was not looked at as much of a big deal, mostly due to the fact that many don't beleive me. As 'proof', which was asked by various members, Rockstar has confirmed the crop duster, and many other information tid bits that I stated weeks in advance. If you were one of those who wanted proof, I have just given it to you. I will be making one more thread in all related forums on the subject of GTA, and whether the moderate in charge decides to close the thread is they're loss, not mine. If you have any other questions or help you need, I can be reached at [email protected] Cheers.

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[email protected]

E-mail me and I shall respond. The crop-duster mission was never confirmed by any magazine and was given specifically to fan sites weeks after my statement. If you'd like to send proof feel free, but I gurantee you will not find any magazine stating that information.

Now I have given you my Rockstar e-mail, do you have anything else for reasoning on not to beleive me?

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