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What other sites are you on?


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Something that fellow staff member chris82 said made me think about creating this topic, he said "I'd like to see TGTAP members interacting outside of the forums." Well so would I, so I think it would be good if we all listed our usernames for the various sites we are registered on, and add each other to the friends list feature that most of them have. We aren't including other GTA sites BTW, pretty pointless because they're just forums.

So here I go, please layout your list in a similar way to mine, also I put links to each of my profiles for your adding ease ;)

YouTube: chrisjp88

StumbleUpon: chrisjp88

digg: ChrisJP

last.fm: ChrisJP

Flickr: ChrisJP88

That's actually about it, as pretty much all the other sites I'm on are either forums, or simply don't have any sort of friends list. So there we go, add me to yours, I'll accept you, and I'll browse through here regularly adding people. Go ahead and post your usernames!

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Meh... you should al get on sites like the ones in my first post, instead of hanging around gta forums all the time ^_^

Well as well as going on gaming, i would go onto these stuff NOT related to gaming:




And i forgot the other site... I'll have to find it again, Which really makes it annoying. >.<

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I'm only on this site for gaming, and I'm not active on anything other than this site, but since you asked.


www.jeepforum.com - Invisible

www.ford-trucks.com - MatthewJ

www.fordsix.com - draftermatt

www.jeephorizons.com - draftermatt


www.customerssuck.com - draftermatt

www.leasticoulddo.com - kingdaddy

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