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New Moderators: Slayer and Gerard


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Today we've added a couple more moderators to our growing team of staff, they are Slayer and Gerard. Congrats guys! :clapping:

Gerard of course used to be a super mod here, but decided to step down to concentrate on other projects and also due to time constraints, while Slayer is a new member to the team, and is our first (wait for the pointless fact...) mod to come from mainland Europe, however his English skills are excellent, and spelling + grammar is not a worry for us.

I personally like and encourage the staff to project a somewhat professional image here, so decent spelling and grammar are skills I always notice among members, if you can't get these right then you've no hope of becoming a moderator. I also look out for people who deal with problems in a positive and helpful manner, and aren't abusive towards other members when the question they ask may be 'stupid' to everyone else, but not to a newbie.

Slayer will be moderating in an area he has a great deal of knowledge in, stunting, he'll also be moderating all the San Andreas forums, plus those in General Discussion (apart from PC Chat).

Gerard will be moderating in an area he is an expert in, PC Chat, along with all the other General Discussion forums. He'll also moderate the Serious Chat forum, as well as GTA4.

A current run-down of the current staff and their positions is as follows:


Chris - Founder of the website, manages absolutely everything to do with the website and forums

Righty - General helper, very trustworthy person to have as a 'backup admin', someone with admin experience who can sort things out if I'm not here, and someone who can moderate anywhere when I'm absent.

Super Moderators (Global)

chris82 - Moderates all over the forums

SkyliИe^ - Moderates all over the forums

Ðãvë´ - Moderates all over the forums, and specialises in the Gang forums.


Gerard - Moderates in; GTA4, Serious Chat, The Lounge, Fun and Games, Creativity, Entertainment, Gaming, PC Chat

Slayer - Moderates in; San Andreas, Stunting, The Lounge, Fun and Games, Creativity, Entertainment, Gaming

As you may have noticed, Vice City Stories, Liberty City Stories, Vice City, and GTA3, are the biggest forums we have left that would actually warrant a dedicated moderator. Obviously the admins and super mods can serve these areas, however a more dedicated member would be ideal...

I have already outlined the most basic ideals I look for in selecting a member who I think would do a great job of moderating, with current staff actively able to make suggestions in the staff forum for me to see.

In these forums, I always look for someone who is consistently active and helpful in that particular forum, let's take Vice City for instance... a member who is always replying helpfully to topics in the 3 subforums and generally active there, is obviously someone who we'd look to for moderating, assuming they showed a positive attitude and met the skills mentioned earlier in this post. So bear this in mind if looking for a staff position.

And remember, NEVER ask an Admin if you can be a mod, this ALWAYS looks suspicious, no matter how genuine you are, if we're thinking of making you a mod, we will PM YOU.

Finally, I've already said it, but congrats to Slayer and Gerard once again :)

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