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MS has presented their new 'keyboard' for the 360.

Looks rather unhandy to use, but nice anyway.


Actually, I saw this recently, it's all one piece.

On a similar subject, does the X-360 support a Keyboard & Mouse setup? The controller is okay for driving but for a shooter

I do a lot better w/ the K & M.

I dunno, don't think so, but you can plug a USB keyboard in to type stuff in guide/dashboard menus or whatever

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BUMP. (Christ, I'd thought more people here would have XBL...)

i have no need for keyboard things i just use my mic so theres no point of using that thing and Chris stop pissing about on that racing game and get you and dave and the other mods to have a big fun game of gears of war :lol:

You mean Forza 2? You mean the new God of racing simulators? You mean the game that I better be getting next month? Yeah, not everyone likes Gears of War. I haven't formed an opinion on the game myself, but don't ever try to compare the two vastly different games. I mean, Forza 2 has the Auction House and millions of possibilities with the painting tool.

Oh, and don't get that statement twisted. I'm not saying Gears of War sucks, which I presume it doesn't. I'm just saying there are reasons as to why Forza 2 fans aren't playing other games.

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I don't think using over 400$ just for the downloadable content is worth it. But the 360 is a great console, lots of good games for it, sure you'll enjoy it if you get it. But if your just buying one for the sake of the content don't think it's that worth it. Unless you're absolutely crazy about it.

Oh and forgot to answer your other question. IMO you should get the Pro Bundle because the Elite isn't that worth it unless you plan on downloading a lot of videos and paying for everything and if you want the HDMI cord.

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I didn't feel like it was worthy of its own topic, but I just want to say that you can get Saint's Row for $20 ($10 cheaper than normal price) at Best Buy from now until Saturday I believe. I just picked up my copy, they had about 10 of them, all were Platinum Hits except for one, but that one was all dirty and what not, so I ended up with a silver one. :) I'll probably be picking up some Xbox Live soon as well, can't wait to play it online! :)

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Saints Row is a damn good game, but the online multiplayer is laggy as hell. It's great when the lag is minimal, though.

Saints Row is a great game, very fun. When I played online at my friend's house, it wasn't laggy at all, it was extremely fun. I got to play on the one map thats a stadium, and the one thats a parking garage. Maybe we'll play sometime (whenever I get Live again).

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Saints Row is quite a good game, I actually just finished it. Kind of a sad ending and pretty short...

Anyway, I've started playing on Xbox Live a bit more, Halo 3/Saints Row.

I heard that Halo 3 sucked. What do you think of it?

I personally thought that the beta was some what good online, but my friend said that I only thought that because I wasn't a fan.

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Remember, the end is not the end....

Still waiting for my 360 to come back from MS.

Well, that'd explain why you haven't accepted my friend request yet.

As for the Saints Row ending, it's pretty good from an artistic standpoint. If you haven't heard about it before, it'll totally catch you off-guard.

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MS pissed me off about my controller problem. Ok so my wireless controller that came with the 360 when I bought it around Halo 3's release and eventually it kinda fucked up and the battery pack was loosening all the time. Kinda fixed it with tape but couldn't stand the problem for that long. So I got a new controller and wanting my original one to work I called up MS. I gave them all my info and registered my 360 and told them about my problem and with most repairs you have to send in the thing you want repaired for proof that it was broken right? And me knowing this after reading the warranty a couple times, asked the guy I was talking to, 2 times, not once but twice: "Do I have to send in my controller?" and both times the guy answered "Um, no. It's ok, we're just gonna send you the controller right now, it should be there in a week or two. Me being all happy, just happily wait for my new controller. Two weeks go by, it doesn't show, so I call MS up again, wanting to check up on the repair and the guy tells me "Oh I'm sorry, but like it says in the warranty you have to SEND IN the controller so we know it's broken" I was like WTF, and told him what the other guy said, he just said yeah he was wrong and I'm sorry to inform you that you have to send in the controller. So then I had to send in my broken controller and that was about a week and a half ago or maybe two I'm not sure and he said I'll get the new controller around Christmas time. So now I've had to wait over a month for my new controller. Not really cool...

Anyways, I'll probably add some of you guys up in the mean time. I still have another controller that actually WORKS. Anyone wanna Halo it up? :P

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I'm saving up for an Xbox 360, I'm going to be going neutral in this generation. So I wanted your opinions on some things:

1. There is a hella a lot of different types of hardware (Pro, arcade, elite, premium etc...). What one should be best for me? I will only be playing games so not much space is needed, my PS3 does that job ;)

2. Games, I'm not buying into the Halo hype that much, what other games should I get?

3. I currently have just over £110 saved up. Is Xbox Live a must? How much does it cost?

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