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Four Years of The GTA Place

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How long do you plan on running this site for Chris? As long as you can?

Yeah pretty much. Thinking about it realistically, I can safely say it will be open for another 3 years - it's currently Nov 06, so, GTA4 released in Oct 07, possibly PC release in spring 08... then the aftermath of that brings us probably to 2009 where depending on the state of the community, traffic will either start dropping or keep up if many people make mods and such. Of course if R* keep creating GTA games then we'll keep on going.

I've always planned on keeping the site up as an archive though, I won't ever close it down.

My old accounts.



I usually don't like to talk about the past :unsure:

But uh yeah long story.

Now lets get back on topic and shower Chris and thegtaplace with love and money. o.o

O.O Oh shit, that was you? I entirely forgot you were Vincent....

Ha. I think we always used to pwn Dave. Good times. I probably still have some old PM's from him too :P

Anyway thanks for your comments everyone. Thank you for your appreciation :)

Yeha, even if you're to "old :down: " (old as in feelin to mature for a stupid site which this sie is not) don't close down. Just give it to your fav. and trusted member for them to take over. But ya, i'd like to stay here for as long as it's up.

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Congratulations to The GTA Place for four great years. I have regularly checked out this site for two years, becoming a member this year, and I enjoy all the different opinions everyone has. The info it has is both informative and entertaining. Here's to another four years, well done Chris.

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Man haven't been here for a while since i joined CAL for css. Lots of changes, very nice to see tgtap still up. Its been through many changes over the years. seams like yesterday was 3 years.


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