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1st time in my life I got an A+

By the way I was re-downloading all my games from Steam when I took this (didn't know that uninstalling Steam uninstalls your games as well, sigh). In my contract it says 120 MB/s, but the best speed I've ever had was 117 MB/s download and 92 or so upload.

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Keep in mind I am not directly connected to the modem. I am using a wireless USB adapter. Probably be faster if I ran the test on the Computer directly connected to the modem. The fact I am using USB adapter and not a PCIE wireless card probably has a negetive affect on my speeds. Bought a new modem last week which has improved my speeds.


Can't wait until the NBN comes to my area. Say's it's in planning stages.

Edit: Looking back on previous results it seems my internet with iiNet is better than when I was with Telstra. Although the Telstra results were down back in 2007 (see post here)

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My 30 mbps can get reduced to... 1 mbps at night when everyone is using and abusing the internet. I miss the Summers where I get the 30 mbps alone (3.6 MB/s) :P


Youtube videos and other downloads can reach 1+ MB/s though, Speedtest is odd.

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