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Mine should have been upgraded to 8Mbps in January - it was a free upgrade by Tiscali, from 2.3Mbps to 8Mbps, pretty good. :) BUT, it keeps jumping around from day to day. Today, as in right now, it's 3.4Mbps, but if I log off and log in again later, it'd probably be 2.7Mbps or something stupid like that. Still, anything higher than 2.3Mbps is a bonus, considering it's a free upgrade.

EDIT: I took the test like 3 times, and there were different results for each one, so I don't think I'll post my result. It seems very inaccurate.

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251371650.png on a network with 2 ppl on (network: 10mps) and i have loads of tabs and windows messanger runnin so thats pretty good i guess!

At: 19:40 pm

Result without windows messanger on


Pretty good since the internet is shared between 2 people... we pay for 2mb! that's better than when we used 8mb!

Don't ask why the server changed!

At: 19:41 pm

OK im unsure about how acccurate this is...


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