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heres my umm... 2mb connection?

More than 2mb. More likely you're on a 4mb but judging by your incredibly high ping you're probably using bandwidth with downloads of some sort, which is why your speed isn't really showing the maximum.

@Unnamed Noodle: Yes that is slow. But I suspect you're on a 512k broadband connection, which is the slowest possible, though better than dialup of course. I don't know what ISP's are like in the Philippines but it looks like they're not all that great.

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well i dont really know all that stuff about internet connection etc... but i think im using a dialer (im not 100% sure i just remember once i had to connect using a dialer but now its either automatic or im just not using it anymore) and BTW the server i was checking from is located really not far from here so this possibly could be it.

and the ping... well that is just occasional (like when i try to enter the internet sometimes it just takes ALOT to load on every site i try but then it just comes back to normal by it self in a couple of minutes)

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I tried this again, and I still think this test is a piece of shit. My internet speed is 3.4 Mbps, and this is the test result I got:


I'm looking to get fibre-optic broadband in the next few years, hopefully. America get around 60 Mbps, and the UK only gets around 20 Mbps though, which sucks. It should improve over time.

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