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DAMN. And I pay $60 a month for this piece of shit.


Fucking Telstra!

I gave the test another go and I still suck. :P


@Steam. I used to think you were cool, but now, since you internet is so much better, we can no longer be friends.

LOL Australian internet. I feel sorry for you guys. I mean I like your country, I do, but your Internet is appalling!

Gotta love that Eastern European internet though. War torn countries like that have their telecommunications crippled to shit so they start new ones with fibre optics and it pays off now.

I secretly wish the UK had been a bit more badly bombed during the war (just our telecoms, not people) so that we'd all be on fibre optic now. The govt can't justify the upgrade costs for the entire country now so we're stuck with copper wire until the ISPs put fibre optics down themselves, which, thankfully, a few seem to have started :)

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Chris,would you give a go at speedtest and compare it with mine?

My friend has a faster net,that's because i left that ISP and that's what happens.

This is his.



damn your internet is so fast! jeeez.

undercover i cannot believe u pay 60 a month for 256k adsl...far out. its 65 a month for us, but its optus cable.

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I'll try the test again, see what I get. My current speed right this second is 3.5Mbps:


SgtMike, that's one hell of a connection you got there. Fibreoptic, or just a good company?

EDIT: So yeah, it says over 6Mbps DL speed, but my connection has NEVER gone above 4Mbps. I guess it's because of my area I live in. I would LOVE to have Fibreoptic...

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