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The official what pisses you off topic.


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This topic is self explanitory, tell us what pisses you off and why.


What pisses me off?

Politicians, all they do is lie steal and cheat the country.

babys- all they do is bitch whine and moan.

Tax collectors - all they do is use your money for drugs.

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People who ask you to fix their laptop, then when you do, give you a wedgie and kidney punch *cough* my brother *cough*

lol, tax collectors and drugs , lol,

Evangelists, seriously people, okay, jesus is real, we believe you... Morons :lolbounce: (sorry in advance to any die -hard christians who shouldnt be playin GTA anyway, hence the violence and the gore etc.)

Fast food companies. Look, i can get fat by myself, do i really need you? Though you are tasty...

My echoey speakers.Damn!

How long have you got, loads of things piss me off

People who (try to ) sing, but f**K up the words, but carry on anyway , in the hope that no - one notices, but i do, and i just wanna punch em', and shout at them, but think i'll look like a Freak :bashhead: . I REALLY need therapy >.<

People who spell grammAr wrong "your grammer is really bad" That one sentence can send me into a hypospastic rage. How can people be that hypocritical? Its simply criminal...

My maths teacher, seriously, get a job where people care what you think, you cant teach, go back to Greece (wtf?) (not a racial comment) and retire, that way, it'll stop me from shouting at you because i hate you so much!

I've said it before and i'll say it again a) i have anger issues b ) i REALLY need therapy :thumbs

THOUGHT OF MORE!: My pathetic, whiny, puny inferior feeble, cruddy graphics card, and the fact i'm too skint to buy a new one.

This guy at our scholl who called steve irwin a penis, but we beat him up :rolleyes:

The firefox weather alert, it tells me its snowing, but its not! AAARRGGHH! Simple thing, simple minds..lol

(sorry i didn't edity last post, had to make a new one because my internet doesn't like me editing posts, another thing that annoys me , actually!

EDIT: oh, IPB2.2 seems to combine posts, yay, goodbye n00b spammers!

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Evangelists, seriously people, okay, jesus is real, we believe you... Morons :lolbounce: (sorry in advance to any die -hard christians who shouldnt be playin GTA anyway, hence the violence and the gore etc.)


Fair-play people (they won't get anywhere)



People whose complains about me are equal to the chat of two 11 year olds about sex

Geeks, nerds and dorks (although I like pwning them)

My brother

Most of the teachers who don't like me and treat me different than others (did I mention school!?)

Fat people

Ugly people who think they're good looking and act like that

Ugly people in general

People who don't keep the deal we made

Don't have time to write it all down...

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As promised more now.

People who use the same move on fighting ga,es over and over

People who hate VW buses

Having to wait for consoles, because precious bloody america and japan get them first, W***ers (the companies, not americans or japanese)

People who ask me "what the hell does l33t mean, or rofl, or lmao, morons.

People who complain about other people having no life when they dont have on themselves.

This dude at my scholl who doesn't deserve to own apsp because he's soooooo shite at VCS. N00b

Speed cameras

Necrophyliacs (dont rele piss me off, just disgust me... If you dont know what it means look it up, actually...you'd probably rather not know >.< )

People who try to impersonate foreign accents, but end up sounding like they're from a country the other side of the globe. :thumbsdown:

People who talk to themselves whilst playing video games *gazes across the room to freind* *friend says "shut up"*

My selectively functioning Wireless internet

Dogs. They smell real bad

Being too tired to add new things that you hate because you hate so many things your head might implode :coolthumbup:

BTW Bear, cats rule... :worship: , they may not do anything, but its a hell of a good reason to throw a conker at a kid's head when he chases yours (best shot of my life. I'm cruel, get over it...)

More to come... still

I hate...

When the 'new car' smell runs out...

Sticky floors in cinemas

The way americans say they speak english, but actually they speak american (cant you see it's different?) English comes from england. American comes from america, its that simple...

Extractor fans (?) They keep me awake

The smell of cheap plastic

When people dont find thing funny, but you think thet're hilarious, and you look like an idiot...

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-People that think their opinion is the olnly one that matters.

That is so true, anywhoo, slow school computers

loose change

my crap tv

being skint

having a bad hair day

being blamed for things i don't do

overtly gay people (we dont wanna know, okay?)

People who wear ski goggles when not skiing (whackjobs)

Bill gate, hes just so damned rich, and thinks he's god..

The fact that wallets are so expensive, after you buy one, you've got no money left to put in it

Xboxs (my bro will kill me

Wii's (my m8 will kill me, but he's in malta lol)

People who smell, and don't do anything about it, and deny they smell

PE teachers, bunch of F**kin peadophiles

Music teachers, they have no lives besides music, how?

I hate being slapped, it's happened all too often recently... >.<

The way there is nothing to do where i live, hence the reason i play on my PC all day :thumbsup:

Will add more as they come...

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