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My new bike


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No,I haven't started making you a bike yet...I don't have time to throw away...I'll start as soon as i have time.Anyway it's impossible that on one side it says X GTA X and on another TGTAP cause all cars,bikes,boats and planes have to be same on both sides in GTA so I'll make you just ONE bike which says X GTA X on both sides. :P

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OK firstly they gonna replace NRG-500 and


1. Black and a light green.

2. Black and dark blue (not too dark, must be able to tell difference between black and blue)

3. Black and grey

tires same as normal

wheels front wheel black, rear wheel green, blue or grey (depends on colour of the bike match them pLz)

Tell me if u need more info.

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I'm currently making the skin.I'll try it out tomorrow....

EDIT:As soon as I wrote this ^^^ my computer blacked out(I dunno why) so everything I got now is my laptop.I'm too lazy to turn on my computer again so I'll finish the skin tomorrow.Anyway expect your bike tomorrow.

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It looks kinda, plain tbh. Why not mess around with some of the other textures on it like the metal / brake disks? Ill put up some maps of the bike in this post. And I'll also make a topic about my bike :)

post-3352-1167133299_thumb.png post-3352-1167133370_thumb.png

(Both of these maps were made by Eric240 at www.gtastunting.com/forums)

That's awesome man.

That's my kinda bike :worship:

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