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Changing car colors

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hi there, i downloaded a tool, to change a lotta stuff, so i changed carcols.dat, but i got an internal error, so is it somehow to edit it manually?


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if it's a .rar file right click it and select open with... then a second menu should come up with 2 options...Surf the net or choose from an existing program..

Chose the 2nd options and choose notepad, then just just copy and paste the new line where the old line was or insert you new line.Also a common mistake is you have to put the name of the vehicle...


Taxi, 93,93


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easy peasy

you can make your own colours!! add replace delete etc

so you have the car name and a lot of numbers. now relax, this is not complicated

each car has two colours. primary and secondary. note police and enforcer have a small image with car colour.

lets take the ambulance. the primary(first) is the basic white colour. secondary(second) is the stripe.

open carcols with notepad

here's a colour example

(45,2) [don't include brackets!] after each colour make comma and space like this 45,2, 65,45

now you can start adding and replacing and whola. if you have ggmm(Gta garage mod manager) you can view the 3d models. one last this. you get the numbers from the carcol palette. google carcols it should be on wikipedia.

scroll down


hope this helps :awesome: !!!

way much easier than using a program right??

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