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Game Informer November


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Game Informer's latest magazine has some new info on the gangs part of the game.

* The areas controlled by gangs are shown by their respective colour on the map. * Upon entering the area of another gang it will take a few gunshots to actually start a gang war

* Gang members will then appear in waves, and if you defeat all of the gang members, the area will change to the colour of the OGF on the map, green.

* You will defend your turf in the same way, members of the opposing gang will appear in waves and you will need to fight them all off.

* Attacks like these will probably happen at random times

Now the details most of you have been waiting for on how to actually recruit new members. It's really simple..

* First approach a pedestrian clad in OGF colours and press R1, this initiates the process.

* Using up or down on the D-pad you can choose whether to recruit them, if you recieve a gang symbol he is now yours to lead.

* To controll the new recruits is simple, just target them with R1, and you can choose to have them defend you, attack opponents or follow you with the D-Pad

Thanks to geep88 and GTAGaming

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