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Grand Theft Auto IV


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From Left to Right: Helicopter, Irish logo, Yakuza logo, Close-up of a Hitman's eyes, Mike Toreno.

Motorway at Night, Cars, Roberto (Behind GTAIV logo), Joanne, Gary.

Evening News Arena in Gadebridge City, Protagonist Sean Wood.


From Left to Right: Heart City, Rejects gang logo, Downtown

Grant Gilmoore, Ruby McAllester, David, Ryan Saint


Jan. 01: Intro + First Mission Added



Heart City

Heart City is the capital of Green State in England. Green State consists of Six Major Sites. Heart City, Gadebridge City, Downtown, New Stanford, The Wasteland, Saint Jacob's Prison.

Heart City is based on London. It equals the size of Los Santos & San Fierro in San Andreas.

Gadebridge City is based on Manchester. It equals the size of Las Venturas in San Andreas & Staunton Island in Liberty City

Downtown is based on Detroit in America. It is the roughest area of Green State, equaling the size of Las Venturas in San Andreas

New Stanford is based on the richer parts of London, connecting to Heart City. It is the size of Shoreside Vale in Liberty City

The Wasteland is based upon nothing. It used to be a part of Gadebridge City. It links to Gadebridge City. The entire area is full of broken buildings, heavy polution, and It's where you will start your first main set of missions at.

Saint Jacob's Prison is loosely based on Alcatraz prison. It is on a large stationed boat outside of The Wasteland area and Gadebridge City. It is where you will be starting the game from, and It is also re-accessible once you complete a certain mission, or you will be shot at by guards inside of a tower with M4's



Sunshine FM


Revamp 98.7


Test Radio


Slumber FM




J Whack 106.6


Mini FM



Light Rock


Sunshine FM - Hosted by Ted Ransom "Because Sunshine isn't always as light as it seems"


Motorhead - Trigger

Alexisonfire - Crisis

Iron Maiden - Different World

Finch - Insomniatic Meat

Rammstein - Mann Gegen Mann

He Is Legend - China White II

Underoath - In Regards To Myself

Muse - Starlight

In Flames - Dead End

Maylene & The Sons of Disaster - Bang! The Witch Is Dead

Revamp 98.7 - Hosted by Lazlow "Music is like a fine wine, With age it always becomes better"


Faith No More - Epic

Failure - Sergeant Politeness

The Breakfast Club - Don't You Forget About Me

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

Oasis - Wonderwall

Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

Limp Bizkit - Rollin'

A - Starbucks

The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me

Test Radio - Hosted by DJ Kat Kream "Glowsticks Will Never Die!"


Art Of Noise - Beatbox

Kano - It's A War

Carl Craig - No More Words

Coffee Shop Mike - Musik

Flash - Fix

Soul Designer - Emotional

Dave Angel - Airborne

Gus Gus - Your Moves Are Mine

Liquid Bass - In Fall Effect

Alien Factory - Tomorrow

Slumber FM - Hosted by Kelly Church "For those lazy Sunday mornings"


Failure - Saturday Saviour

Peeping Tom - Caipirinha

Lionel Richie - Easy

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now

Katie Price & Peter Andre - A Whole New World

Radiohead - Karma Police

Gary Jules - Mad World

The Corrs - Goodbye

Clay Aiken - Lonely No More

Coldplay - Speed Of Sound

J Whack 106.6 - Hosted by Jay Whack "Roll Through The Four Eight Six in Downtown, An' get blasted, black!"


Jay Z - Oh My God

50 Cent - Hustler's Ambition

Chingy - Ridin' Wit' Me

Planet Asia - All The Names

J Dilla - Geek Down

Snoop Dogg - Candy (Drippin' Like Water)

Busta Rhymes - New York sh*t

Dr. Dre - A black Witta Gun

Tupac - Got My Mind Made Up

Eminem - Lose Yourself

Heart2Heart - Hosted by Fernando Martinez "Have a heart to heart with me, Fernando Martinez!"

Mini FM - Hosted by Mini McAllester "All The Hits, All The Time with Mini"


Shakira - Hips Don't Lie

Robbie Williams - Lovelight

Beyonce - Deja Vu

The Pussycat Dolls - I Don't Need A Man

Westlife - The Rose

All Saints - Rock Steady

McFly - Star Girl

Matt Willis - Hey, Kid

Lily Allen - LDN

Fergie - London Bridge

Sideline - Hosted by James Vega & Sammy "Suicidal" Wattson "For the College kids who think they're making a difference in the world"


Fightstar - Hazy Eyes

Aiden - Knife Blood Nightmare

From First To Last - The Latest Plague

Rise Against - Ready To Fall

Senses Fail - The Priest And The Matador

Story Of The Year - We Don't Care Anymore

Brand New - Sowing Season (Yeah)

Thursday - The Other Side Of The Crash (Over & Out)

Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live

Yellowcard - City Of Devils



The Year is 2007, January. Sean Wood (Voiced by Wentworth Miller) is a 20 year old in-mate who lived in Liberty City, America, and has been wrongly accused of assassinating The President's Brother. He was sent over sea's to Green State, England, where he will be executed by Lethal Injection in 2008. There is no easy way out of Saint Jacob's Prison, stationed almost one thousand feet away from land, and stuck on Death Row. But Sean Wood realizes he has to get out, find out who set him up, and kill him. Gaining respect on the streets of Green State won't be easy. The Saint's Gang residing in Downtown despise everything American, so you had better try and make some allies somewhere down the road or prepare to be killed long before the year 2008.



The Saint's - The Saint's own the Downtown Area, they are an all black gang. There is no other gang that can stand up to them in that area. The leader is Ryan Saint, born and raised in Downtown and is 35 years old. He always wears a Grey Hooded sweatshirt and jeans

LIKES: Everything English, The food, The beer, The football games

DISLIKES: Everything not English

LEVEL: Very High

The Reject's - The Reject's are a bunch of wasted youths, run away from home because they had no where else to go. The leader is Joanne, a 23 year old ex-army lieutenant. She is female but the rest of the gang consists of Male's. She is noticably psychopathic when she doesn't take her medication. She usually wears a black tank top and black trousers, and she has an eye patch over her left eye after losing it in combat

LIKES: Anyone in trouble, always ready to help someone out if they need it aslong as they can return the favour

DISLIKES: The Saint's Gang for taking over the Downtown Area

LEVEL: Medium

The Ace of Heart's - The Ace of Heart's are a street gang in Heart City, taking up the west side of the city. They all wear red & white, nothing else. The leader is Johnny, most of the time he wears a red hockey-goalie mask when going out to rob places, or commit other crimes

LIKES: Killing Black Heart's members

DISLIKES: The Black Hearts


The Black Hearts - The Black Hearts Gang are a street gang in Heart City, taking up the east side of the city. They all wear red & black, nothing else. The leader is Vince. He usually wears a black wool hat with a dark red heart logo on it

LIKES: Killing Ace of Heart's members

DISLIKES: The Ace of Heart's


The Yakuza - The Yakuza is a well organized gang in Gadebridge City. They wear black suits, and the important members wear white suits. The leader is Cari. He is well trained in Martial Arts, and believes that without honor a man is nothing. He is half Japanese and half English, and it causes alot of controversy with the Yakuza in other parts of the world, who are all full blooded Japanese

LIKES: Street raceing, Modding cars, Collecting cars

DISLIKES: The Saint's


The Fox Gang - The Fox Gang is a small gang of all women. They are based in Gadebridge City. The leader is Bridget, and is often mistaken for her blonde hair and blue eyes as being a goody two-shoes girl, being only 21 years old. They usually perform bank heists throughout Green State, and are under-rated as being a dangerous gang

LIKES: Heavy weapons, Cute guys and fast bikes, The Saint's

DISLIKES: The Yakuza, The Reject's


The Turf Gang - The Turf Gang are lead by Turf, a 41 year old black man, and the gang is all black. They were part of The Saint's, but in jail they are known only as The Turf's, named after Turf

LIKES: Everything English

DISLIKES: Everything


The Rick Gang - The Rick Gang are lead by Rick, a 30 year old man. Rick got sick of being pushed around by The Turf's in prison, and pulled together a bunch of inmates who were also sick of them

LIKES: Everything, very friendly but dangerous

DISLIKES: The Turf's


The Renegade's - The Renegade's are based in New Stanford. The leader is 15 year old boy Carlton, who is usually dressed in his school clothes, which is a navy blue sweater vest and grey pants. The Renegade's are a small gang of rich kids who are sick of their life-style and want to have some fun with the fistfull's of money their parents hand to them as their allowance each week

LIKES: The Fox Gang, Spending money on trash

DISLIKES: Their lifestyle


Unknown Gang - There is a gang wandering around in black suits and shades all over Green State, nothing is known about them so far

LIKES: ???


LEVEL: ???




9MM (Gadebridge City)

Magnum (Downtown)

.357 (Heart City)


Shotgun (Gadebridge City)

Sawn-off Shotgun (Downtown)

SPAS-12 Shotgun (Heart City)


Tec 9 (Gadebridge City)

Uzi (Downtown)

MP5 (Heart City)


AK-47 (Gadebridge City)

Uzi (Downtown)

M4 (Heart City)


Laser (Gadebridge City)

PSG1 (Downtown)

Dragunov (Heart City)

Other (Find Only OR Buy Outside Of Ammunation)

Knife, Sword, Katana Sword, Baseball Bat, Nightstick, Knuckle Dusters, Hatchet, Screwdriver, Mace (Spray), Mace (Weapon), Spray Paint, Skateboard, Steel Chain, Dustbin Lid, Grenades, Molotiv Cocktails, Auto-Target Bazooka, Rocket Launcher, Minigun.




A large SWAT boat pulls up outside of a large entrance, surrounded by barbed wire fences on each side of a long stretch of rocks, the rocks are being used as a path. The waves of the oceon are crashing into the rocks, and it's raining heavy. Two officers armed with M4's exit the boat, as the player exits the boat cuffed at the feet and hands in an orange jumpsuit. The player has a shaved head with some stubble on top of it where it's growing back, and hasn't shaved in a few days. Two more officers exit the boat behind the player and all four officers begin walking him along the rocks. They arrive at the entrance of the prison, and a royal guard opens the large gates and the four officers walk the player into the prison and they approach a sign in desk

Officer Behind the Desk: Is this him?

SWAT Member: This is him. Sean Wood

The camera focuses on Sean's face as his thoughts are played outloud in a Narration for the player to hear

Sean: My name is Sean Wood. I know what you're thinking, just another convicted drug dealer, rapist, killer or whatever else your mind can come up with. Well, I'm not. I'm on Death Row for a crime I didn't commit.

The SWAT members walk him through the halls as his thoughts continue for the player to hear

Sean: They say I murdered the President of the United States' brother, sure I've killed a few people in the past and I've been in and out of Juvy since I was 13, but this time, It was a crime I didn't commit, and yet because of my background...no one listens to me

The SWAT members take him upstairs and continue walking as his narration continues for the player to hear

Sean: The evidence was cooked, and someone out there wanted me out of the country, and out of their lives for good. And I'm going to find out why and who.

The SWAT members take him into a cell, with two prison guards outside of the cell watching. They cautiously un-cuff him and exit the cell, as the guards shut and lock the cell, and Sean lays on the bottom bunk of the bed and continues his narration for the player to hear

Sean: All I know for sure, is that one way or another, I'm not getting out of here in a bodybag.


"Death Row"


The sun is shining through the bars in the player's cell, as he's laying in bed. A guard patrol's the area banging his nightstick against the bars, waking everybody up. The gates unlock, as many guards are patroling the area's and a voice comes through the speakers on the walls of the prison

Voice: Breakfast time, everyone up

Sean gets out of bed.


The player is standing in the cell which is now open, and you can now control him. The radar map begins flashing with an upside down blue triangle. Text comes on the screen: "This is your radar map. You can use this to get around easier" "Follow the marker on the map to get to your destination" "If the marker is pointing downwards, that means it is below your current standing position" "If the marker is a circle, It means you are standing on level with the marker" "If the marker is pointing upwards, that means it is above your current standing position" "Make your way down the stairs and follow the marker to continue".

The player now has a chance to test out the controls, running, fighting, jumping, etc. The health bar flashes as you begin walking down the stairs of the prison: "This is your health bar. When it is empty you will be taken to the nearest hospital" "The hospital will bill you for your stay unless it is the Prison Hospital". The player makes his way to the caféteria and walks into the blue floating marker, which is still the same as previous GTA games


The player sits down with his tray of food, as a group of Turf's come over to him and steal his tray. The player stands up and gets face to face with one of the members, and from behind him a Turf member hits him over the head with a Nightstick, and he falls unconcious.



The camera is through the player's eyes now. And he begins waking up, and the vision becomes less blurry. The player stands up and is looking around, it is the nurses office, and a female Doctor walks over to the player

Female Doctor: Are you feeling better, Sean?

Sean: (Rubs the back of his head) Yeah, a little...

Female Doctor: If you're feeling good enough, I can discharge you back to your cell

Sean: Yeah, I'm feeling good enough...Thanks, what's your name?

Female Doctor: My name is Laura

Sean: Nice to meet you Laura.

Two guards come into the office and lead Sean back to his cell. His cellmate has just come back from solitary confinement and is laying on the top bunk of the bed.

Will: Hey, my name's Will. I heard about what happened to you earlier today

Sean: Who were they anyway?

Will: Those were members of The Turf Gang, we have an on going fued with them in here

Sean: Wait, we?

Will: That's right, Rick leads The Rick Gang, and Rick is one of my closest friends in here

Will gets off the top bunk and reaches under his matress and takes out a knife and gives it to the player

Will: In here, you don't ever let anyone disrespect you like that and get away with it. I wan't you to show The Turf Gang that you mean business

Sean looks the knife over as the cell doors open


The player can control the character once again, as Will walks infront of you and says: "I wan't you to take out two Turf members, you show them that you're with the Rick gang, and you ain't to be f*cked with again". 2 Markers on the map appear, each of which are random Turf members around the place, as everyone is walking around to stretch their legs in the prison, people talking to each other and others jogging around the place, a voice comes over the speakers: "Five miniutes, then back in your holes maggots" The player must then make his way to a marker still holding the knife. As you enter the marker a cutscene plays


The player is standing where you left him by the marker, and the camera focuses on a Turf member selling drugs to a random in-mate. Text comes along the screen saying: "Waste him with the knife then move onto the next one".


The player must then walk jog or run over to the Turf member, who has his back turned to the player, and press the Circle button when behind him. You will stab him once, and he will turn around to face you. You must then lock on using R1 and press the Circle button to give a rib shot with the knife, and a Triangle button to give a headshot with the knife, and block with the Square button, as he will fight back. When he's dead text appears saying: "Kill the next Turf member!" You get to the marker on the map and get inside.


The Turf member notices you carrying a knife and begins running


You must run after the Turf Member, and when you catch him, kill him just like the previous one.

Mission Passed!

£50 + Respect +!

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What is this? And this should be at GTAIV sub-forum.

I know you from gtaforum.

No, it shouldn't. This is my creative writing, my "fan-fic", except I've put it into a game-script format.

er.... Wow

that must have took ages torite unless you copy and pasted it.

you din a prison break style story, 'wrongly accused of assassinating the presidents brother'.

i like it though

I copy + pasted it from GTAForums, where I've been posting this for a while now, but it was originally in a Wordpad anyway. It's already finished, so I'll just need to copy and paste it for whoever want's to read it here. It has 83 missions total -- 9 of which are set in Prison, at the beginning of the game.

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What is this? And this should be at GTAIV sub-forum.
You're a dumbass. Read it and you'll see what it is, and would realise it's in the right forum already.

Yeah,now i see that here is the creativity sub-forum.Sorry for that post.I will edit it so that nobody to get mad.

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What is this? And this should be at GTAIV sub-forum.

Can't believe you've written an entire game script. Great work. Are you planning on posting it all here?

That's the plan, unless people hate it, and call it garbage, and spit at me.



The player walks back to his cell and text appears at the bottom of the screen, reading: "You are now a part of Rick's Gang. Turf's Gang will try to attack you during breakfast, lunch, dinner and excercise time." A floating cell-phone appears next to the toilet in your cell and text appears at the bottom of your screen: "You may now save your game here when not on a mission. Save your game to continue"


Walk into the cell-phone and save your game. When you return six hours have passed, and your cell is now always open, along with everyone elses (This is to make the game more fun for the beginning part, not being able to free-roam when not on a mission would be boring). You will see a big "W" on your map, and Will is downstairs in someone elses cell. You can either free-roam or go do the next mission. Free roaming in the prison isn't easy, as Turf members will randomly try to attack you. You can make your way to the caféteria and buy some food to heal on if you get attacked, or if you feel like killing some random prisoners and taking what little money they have. You can also go out to the excercise yard and lift weights to build up your fighting power, or use the excercise bike to build up your running and swimming stamina. It is recommended that you do that because you will need about 50% stamina for a mission soon.

The player walks down to the big "W" and walks inside of the marker

"Getting Even"


Sean walks into the cell and see's Will with another man who looks to be Indian trying to help a stab victim, who is screaming in pain, with blood all over his ribs

Sean: Jesus, what happened, Will!?

Will: Those bastard Turf members won't quit, they found out what you did and they're pissed!, they took their anger out on David here. Charlie, get some more towels!

Sean: Do you know who did it?

Will: Yeah, it was Dominic, he always has his bitch with him, some skinny little white boy

Sean: That's all I needed to know

Sean walks out of the cell.


A blip appears on the radar, approach it, and It's Dominic. Chase him around the Prison, you'll need about 10-15% stamina to keep up. Once you've chased him for a while, a cutscene rolls.


Dominic has arrived back at his cell with his bitch, and begins hanging a sheet over the cell and he turns around and licks his lips at his bitch.


You must kill two Turf members who try to attack you, then use your knife to rip through the sheet, and walk inside where Dominic is now in his underwear

Dominic: Hey man! What the f*ck!? -- 'Ay man, you were that cat followin' me!

Dominic runs at you. Kill Dominic with your knife, or your bare fists. He won't fight back much.


Dominic's 'prison wife' stands up in his underwear and quickly runs away screaming.


Mission Passed!

Respect +!

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The player can then roam around freely still. If you wan't to make some extra cash you can go to the lunch room and enter a marker and serve prisoners food. You must run around the large caféteria carrying food for prisoners, and there is a COLD meter and a PRISONER meter, when one drops to zero your run is over. If you finish all 15 levels, with a checkpoint at each 5 levels, then you will get free food from the caféteria to heal.

Save the game and now there are two names on the map. a D for David, and a W for Will

We're going to continue with Will's missions for now, then move onto David's.

This time Will's marker is right in your cell, next to the sink. Walk into it



Will is shaving by the sink as you're standing next to him with your arms crossed

Will: I need you to push some product for Rick. He's in solitary confinement for the day for killing Dominic's prison bitch, haha. Somehow they haven't caught you...yet

Sean: I've spent time in solitary confinement before, so don't sweat it

Will: Must be some feat...you know, killin the president's brother

Sean: I didn't do it, the evidence was cooked. Don't bring this up again.

Will: Right, right, and I'm not in here for mass murder with explosives, haha! (Washes his face) Anyway, I need you to peddle some of this merch with me, and we've gotta be careful, Turf's will be around

Will lifts up his matress and takes out some plastic bags and hands Sean some

Will: Come on, lets go, we don't have much time


The player then has a timer of 2 Miniutes to get to the five markers on the map before The Turf's realize what you're doing. Once the timer runs out you should still have about two markers left, and Turf's will be after you. Once you've got one remaining marker left you will have to beat The Turf's to the buyer or they will kill him. A health bar for the buyer starts slowly declining. Once you get there, kill the two Turf members and sell the prisoner the drugs


A cutscene rolls, and Will approaches you and slaps you on the back

Will: We made some good profit today, Sean. Rick will be pleased. I'm pretty sure he'll be wanting to meet you soon, Here's something for your trouble


Mission Passed!

50 Cigarettes + Respect +!

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Text will appear on screen: "You can sell cigarette's for money, or if you can find a light, they can be used as a weapon for a brief period of time".

There will be lighters in most cell's. Usually on tables. You can approach one and be offered the choice of lighting a cigarette by pressing the Triangle button. The cigarette will appear as a weapon, and you will be holding it. If you punch someone with it, it will do the same amount of damage as a knife. If you wan't to sell them, select them as your weapon (A carton of cigerettes will appear in the weapon slot) And walk around to prisoners. Approach them and you should get an option saying on screen: "Press Triangle to try and sell a cigarette". If he want's to buy one, you will get £5 per cigarette, If he doesn't want to buy one you will be attacked by him, you can either run or fight him.

Go and save the game, and now there is an "R" for Rick and a "D" for David. We're going to do David's missions next.

Enter the blue marker for David for his mission to begin.



Sean walks into David's cell and see's him working on something with a Screwdriver on his bunk

Sean: You feeling better, David?

David: (Jumps off the bed shocked and breathing heavy) Jesus, dude, Don't jump up on people like that, OK?

Sean: Sure, what you working on back there?

David: It's nothing

Will walks into David's cell and pats Sean on the shoulder

Will: David, he's trustable

David: Alright, If you wan't in on this, then I need for you to do something for me

Sean: I don't even know what it is, but I don't mind. What needs to be done, David?

David: I need batteries, and only guards carry those in their flash lights, so, what I need you to do is get to the power generator without being spotted, shut it off, and then steal a flash light

Sean walks out of the cell


A marker on the map shows where the power generator is located at, and if it was day time it is now night time, and if it was night time when you started the mission, it is still night time. You have a timer to get to the generator before daylight, and you need to move around without being spotted by guards or Turf members. There will be markers all over the map, pointing which way they are faceing. Guards will be Cyan, Turf members will be Red. Once you get to the generator, just hit it a few times with your knife or fists.


The power goes off all over the Prison, and it cuts to the Warden in his office

Warden: Aw sh*t, what now!?, go check it out

Guard: Yes sir!


The player must now make his way back around in the dark. Once you reach a certain point a marker will appear, it is the guard with the flashlight. When he is walking fowards and you are behind him, attack him with your knife or your fists. Once he's dead a cutscene rolls.


The lights are starting to come on again as Sean reaches David's cell, Sean gives David the flashlight and he takes out the batteries and tosses the flashlight away.

Sean: So, what are you working on?

David: A way to get out of here, and you're in kid.


Mission Passed!

Respect +!

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this is going to be a dumb question but, do you workm for R* (people shut up, its just a dumb question)



The player is prompted by text on the screen: "If you wan't to build up your stamina, you should check out the excercise yard". This is a hint as to build up some stamina, as you will need it soon. Go and save your game. Now there is still a "D" and a "R". This time we're going to go with Rick's mission. The player walks downstairs and into Rick's marker.



Sean walks into Rick's cell, and Rick stands up and opens his arms up

Rick: There he is!, Come here you!

Rick proceeds to hug Sean

Rick: You've really done a number on them tw*t's, and I like it. But we're not out of the water with them yet. What we need to do, is take out their best Assassin, and that's no easy feat. You see, he has a 9MM, and those are very rare to find in this place, I'm thinking one of the guards is paid off, and what we're going to need to do is find the guard, so I wan't you to stay on the lookout, OK?, Go find some clues, if you can.

Sean exits the cell


Go and search around the Prison for any clues. You will find it in a trashcan in the caféteria, by pressing Triangle to rummage through it. It's a screwed up note with the words "Bob, call me later, need some more pieces." on it. You can also pick up the trashcan lid to use as a weapon. Take the piece of paper back to Rick


Sean walks in with the piece of paper

Sean: I found a piece of paper with the name Bob on it (Passes the piece of paper to Rick)

Rick: There's a security guard named Bob

Sean: I'm on it


You must make your way to the marker on the map where Bob is. He is outside talking to two Turf members. Waste them. Bob will start running inside to press the alarm. You now have to keep up with him and make sure he doesn't quite 'make it'. Once you catch up to him, knock him in the head once and he'll fall over. About 20% Stamina is needed to keep up with Bob.


Bob is getting to his feet as Sean stands over him

Bob: You son of a bitch, I'll have you killed!

Sean: I'm on Death Row anyway

Sean leans down and picks Bob up and looks around to make sure no one is there

Sean: I know it was you who smuggled in a nine for The Turf boys, and I'm asking you now, where's my nine?

Bob: I, I, I dunno what you're talking about!

Sean: I'm not going to ask you again (Presses his hand into the guards throat)

Bob: Alright! Alright!, I did!

Sean: What you're going to do, is alert the Warden that said Turf member has an automatic fire-arm in his cell

Bob: I can't do that, I'll be whacked!!

Sean: I'll take care of you, things are changing around here or haven't you noticed?

Bob: Alright, Alright I'll do it!

Sean loosens his grip and puts his knife back in his pocket as Bob starts running away


Mission Passed!

£100 + Respect +!

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The player is once again prompted with a message saying: "The excercise yard is always open, and the bikes are usually free" hinting you should build up your stamina before going further.

Go and save the game, the "R" mission has disapeared and there is only a "D" mission remains. Walk into David's marker.

"Organ Grinder"


Sean walks into David's cell, and David is working on what looks like a home made gun

Sean: What you workin on, Dave?

David: I'm not working on anything anymore. (Stands up and faces Sean) I'm faced with a minor problem in our little plan, you see, A man in here smuggles in bullets for a gun every Tuesday afternoon. He smuggles in four bullets by swallowing them, and he sells them to Turf gang members who have automatic weapons. Today is the day he comes back with a stomach full of bullets, and I need them If we're ever going to make it out of here alive

Sean: So, you're working on a gun?

David: I used to build guns with my father, I can make a 9mm by using gum, paperclips, elastic and batteries...of course, a little sunlight helps, too

Sean: Err, ok...

David: I need you to get the guy whose smuggling the bullets in, and I wan't you to take him back to my cell, and I wan't you to rip his stomach open, and take them out of him If need be

Sean: What's he look like?

David: Medium build, brown hair

Sean exits the cell


The player must make their way to the outside of the visiting area, and wait for men to come through the door. A guard will leave the spot everytime a new prisoner comes back through the doors. Everytime a man who you think could be the bullet smuggler comes through the doors you need to knock him unconcious with a punch, kick, or if you picked up the dustbin lid over the knife, you may use that aswell. Once you've knocked a man out, a cutscene rolls


Sean drags the body back to David's cell which is now empty, and waits for the man to regain conciousness

Man: What happened? (Grabs his head) My head hurts

Sean: I need to buy some bullets, I'll pay £500 per bullet

Man: What? Are you on drugs?

Sean runs back out of the cell


The player must run back over to the door and wait for another man. When he comes in, knock him out again


The player drags him back to David's cell and waits for the man to regain conciousness once again

Man: (Wakes up) Did you hit me?

Sean: Yes. I need to buy some bullets, I'll pay £500 per bullet

Man: I've got bullets! (Pats his stomach)

Sean: Good

Sean picks up a knife from the desk and stabs him in the stomach, as the man kicks Sean in the face and starts running out the cell.


The player must chase the man, and watch out for Turf members, as many spawn up along the way. Once you catch him, a cutscene rolls


The man realizes he can't keep running and crashes into a random cell and falls over and crawls inside of the cell as Sean walks into the cell. The man starts throwing up into the toilet, and Sean kicks him in the back of the neck, killing him. The man's head falls off the toilet and bangs off the floor, as Sean looks over in the toilet, and the camera's eye rolls through the inside of the toilet looking up as Sean reaches into the toilet and the screen goes black



Mission Passed!

Respect +!

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The player should go and save the game now. There is now only a "R" logo on the map. Go there to do Rick's mission, or, go and free roam, doing whatever you want. Walk into the marker

"The Boldest Swing Earliest"


Sean walks into Rick's cell, as a voice echo's through the speaker box: "Excercise time, maggots"

Rick: (Stands up and opens his arms up wide) There you are!

Rick proceeds to hug Sean once again

Rick: You hear what happen to that Turf boy?

Sean: What?

Rick: He got found with it, and got thrown into solitary confinement

Sean: Good

Sean and Rick head through the halls as a prisoner screams "Riot!"

Rick: (Looks around) sh*t, this isn't good Sean

Sean: (Looking around) I don't see any--

A dead flaming cops body is thrown from the fourth floor rails landing next to Sean and Rick

Rick: Let's go round up some of the boys, and quick!


Four blips on the map appear, one blip for each floor. You have to run around going to each marker and getting each Rick Gang member to follow you to the next one, fighting off Turf gang members along the way, and avoiding fire and random trouble makers who wan't to fight you for the hell of it. Try not to let any of the Rick Gang members die or you lose Respect. Once you have collected all four, make your way back down to the bottom floor and go to the marker. Walk inside


Rick and Will are fist fighting with some Turf members, as Turf comes from a second floor cell with a 9MM gun and starts fireing down. He shoots Will in the chest, and Will dies

Rick: Turf you mother f*cker! This is it for you! (Looks at Sean) Get him before he gets to anymore of his boys!


A blip appears for Turf. There is no timer, and you should probaly go to the caféteria first to heal up. Follow the blip and make sure you don't lose much health from Turf members. Make your way to the blip which is outside of a random cell


Sean arrives at the Cell and gets shot at by Turf but Sean dives out of the way, as Turf runs out of the cell and begins running again


You once again have to run after him, avoiding Turf members and Guards this time. If you kill a Guard in green you will get a Nightstick, and If you kill a Guard in blue you get Armour. Keep chasing him after collecting an Armour, killing or avoiding Turf members and when you get very close to Turf a cutscene plays


Turf gets surrounded by Rick Gang members as you approach him and stand behind him. He fires a random shot at you and misses once again, and runs out of ammo and throws the gun as the Rick Gang members close in on him, tons of SWAT members with Tazers and Mace Foam attack every member of the Rick Gang, including Turf.



Rick and Sean are sitting in his cell. Rick's eyes are swollen from the Mace Foam

Rick: We almost had him, this proves that he's getting weaker. Go get some rest, and we'll finish this off tomorrow.

Sean exits Rick's cell


Mission Passed!

£200 + Respect +!

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Go and save the game. only a "R" mission is available again. Go back to it

"The Last Temptation"


Rick: This is it, Sean!

Sean continues walking into Rick's cell

Rick: (Hands a 9MM to Sean) We've got the guards in our pockets! We're taking Turf down right now, the Turf gang is down to around 20 members, while we have a strong 25, we're now stronger than them, and they know it!

Sean: Alright, lets do it

Sean and Rick walk out of Rick's cell carrying 9MM's


A blip appears on the screen, It is Turf. He's in the excercise yard. While you both jog there some messages of how to use a gun appears on the screen, but we all know how to use one of them so no point in writing it out. The only new thing is if you target with R1 and press Triangle, you can hit someone with the handle of the gun. When you get to the marker, go inside


Turf is working out over at the barbells and he sees Sean and Rick walking towards him with the 9MM's in their hands. He laughs as his boys stop working out and get up, most of which have 9MM's strapped to their waists, or Knuckle Dusters. Turf stands well back behind them all


Rick has a health meter which cannot drop to zero or you fail the mission. A big Blue arrow appears over Turf's head, and a message appears on the screen: "Kill Turf!". You must kill the Turf Gang members and it would really help if you have Armour, because this is a very hard mission with only a 9MM. When you kill half of the Turf Members, some Rick Gang members come to help out, and the mission gets a little easier. You should have about half health left if you started with armour, and if Rick has enough health you can quickly go to the caféteria and get some food to heal. Once you finish the Turf Members off, Turf will start running, and Rick says: "Go after him!, I'm hurt!".

You must chase Turf through the prison shooting at him, he's wearing body armour and is very hard to kill, and the sound of gunfire begins attracting guards. When Turf dies a cutscene rolls


Rick limps over to Sean, as they're both standing above Turf's body. Turf is still alive, barely.

Rick: Heh...heh...we did it, you did it. You did what I spent three years trying to do

Sean lifts up his gun and points it at Turf, as the camera rolls through Turf's eyes. The camera is tinted red, from the blood running down his head

Rick: Any last words?

Turf: Y..You're both f*cking dead

A gunshot goes off and the screen goes black, as you hear Sean and Rick's footsteps walking, getting quieter and quieter every step


Mission Passed!

£200 + Respect +!

Go and save the game, when you wake up a note will be on your pillow, press Triangle to read it when standing near it: "The excercise yard is now closed because of the events that took place yesterday. The guards are on to you, so be careful - Rick."

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Text appears on the screen: "The guards are planning something against you, so watch your back. Rick Gang members keep dying." There are now many many more guards patroling the area's looking for the man who keeps killing all these prisoners. Go and save your game and when you wake up another piece of paper will appear on your cell room's pillow. Walk over to it and press triangle once again, it reads: "We're finished, meet at David's cell at 10PM, and make sure you have a piece! because we're busting out! - Ryan". The player now probaly has some time to kill till 10PM, unless you've just come out of a save at 9.50PM or something. So either save the game till 10PM, or free-roam, then go to the "D" icon outside of David's cell.

"Prison Break"


Sean enters into the cell, where Rick and David are. David holds up a self made gun

David: Ta-da!

Sean: Cool, so, what's so special about it?

David: It's three times the strength of a 9MM, when we're getting out of here, we're gonna need something heavy against M4's

Sean: That reminds me, I've got us a boat

Rick: How'd you get that?

Sean: Don't worry about it, just hope that he pulls through

Rick: ...Alright, me and David are going to go to the power generators and f*ck it up, you take these

Rick hands a pair of scopes to Sean

Rick: Put 'em on, and you can see in the dark. They're home made, but they work well

David: I know, I'm a genious

Rick and David head out of the cell walking and talking

Rick: Sean's been killing the boys, I can feel it...

David: I can feel it, too

Rick: He's been in contact with someone from The Saint's, possibly even Ryan himself

David: What are we gonna do?

Rick: I'll handle it...



Sean walks over to the payphone and picks it up and dials the number, as the voice answers on the other end

Ryan (OS): Yes?

Sean: This Ryan?

Ryan (OS): Ah, Sean my yank-buddy, my little-yanky boy-hitman, so tell me, Turf's definatly dead and I don't need to worry about him getting out in 6 months and taking over The Saint's again, right?

Sean: He's dead. I need that boat out by the nearest bouy to Saint Jacob's tonight

Ryan (OS): No problem. I'll have my brother T-Stone pick you up, stay safe, mate.

Sean hangs up the phone as the lights cut out. Sean starts putting the scopes on as the cutscene ends


A brief tutorial explains how to use the scopes. Run to Rick's cell and get a 9MM. The alarm begins sounding, and as you exit the cell, all cell doors close, and a voice echo's over the speakers: "This is a code red. This is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill. We have a breakout in progress"

Sean: What the hell, they're leaving without me!?

The player must make their way through the map, killing guards along the way to the marker on the fourth floor by the large steel bars. When you get there, David and Rick are already there attaching dynamite to the bars

Rick: About time!

Sean: I had to sort that boat out!, I hope it hurrys the f*ck up!, What are you doing anyway!?

David: Take cover!!!

Run away from the steel bars a bit, as the home made C4 explosives take the bars out. David and Rick exit first, then more guards begin coming. Kill them all


Sean makes his way out of the window and sees alot more guards down below on the ground, with the Waves crashing into the side of the rocks. Sean follows David and Rick along the edge of the prison as David fires down at the guards, they reach a large pipe and climb down it. When they reach the bottom more guards come, each carrying M4's


David and Rick both get a health meter each, and you have to make sure that neither of them die. You also have to make sure you don't die. David is a good shooter with his homemade 9MM, so you don't have to worry about being heavily out numbered like most AI partners. If you manage to kill a guard or two grab the M4 ammo, It'll help you take out the rest. An arrow appears over Rick's head once you've killed all the guards

Rick: Follow me!

Follow Rick and David as you make your way to the entrance. Avoid M4 fire from the guard towers (They aim very poorly), and when you reach the entrance gate, David begins setting up more C4 as more light blue guard blips appear on the map behind you. Turn around and waste em, they shouldn't be too hard with an M4. Another load of guards will come, waste em aswell.

David: Stand back!

Move back a little bit, as the gates explode off. Follow Rick once again across the rocks to the end, as David sets up the next part of the C4, more light blue blips appear behind you

Rick: Sean, Take them out!

The player must shoot them dead, collect the M4 ammo if you want. More guards will come out, kill them and collect the M4 ammo

David: Fire in the hole!

You should be far enough back to not get hit by the explosion. The gates are blown off. This is where the Stamina comes in place!


David, Rick and Sean dive into the water from the rocks


A brief guide pops up on how to swim and dive. You will have a COLD meter, it will slowly rise as the water is freezing cold, so you can't slow down much. You must rapidly tap X to swim fast. A marker will appear soon of where the boat is located at. About half way there a boat full of police will be after you with a search light. Make sure to use some diving to avoid it. Once you make it to the marker, go into the marker


Sean, David and Rick climb onto the boat where T-Stone is driving it.

T-Stone: Quick, get in!

T-Stone starts driving the boat away faster, as Sean positions himself at the end of the boat.


The camera is through the eyes of Sean. You must shoot out any police boats that come your way as T-Stone drives the boat around, avoiding police blocks along the way, and you having to take them out. The boat will have a Damage Meter, so be careful. Once you've wiped out many boats, and after a long drive


Sean hears a gunshot and the boat swerves a little bit. Sean turns around and the camera focuses on T-Stone's dead body

Sean: (Looks at David holding the homemade 9MM) What did you do that for!?

Rick: (Stops the boat) You betrayed us, Sean (Shakes his head)

Sean: Come on!, I've never betrayed anyone in my life!

David: Charlie was a good friend to us

Sean: What are you talking about!?!

David aims the gun at Sean and shoots him.



Sean has been washed up on the shore. The waves crashing into him as he lay face down. A dark figure walks over to him and stands above him


Sean: (The camera's vision is hazy, blurrey and moving from side to side) Wh..where am I?

The camera moves off of Sean's view, as Sean sits up with a large bandage on his stomach. He's wearing a pair of dark blue jeans. He sits up in a bed, in a dark room, broken furniture, and the only thing that looks stable is the bed, as a rat crawls along the floor, a woman comes into the room

Joanne: Oh, you're awake. About time

Sean: Where am I? (Rubs his head)

Joanne: I found you by the shoreline, a huge wound on your ribs. I saw you were in an orange jumpsuit, so I'm guessing you escaped from the prison?

Sean: Those assholes...Yeah, I got out of there

Joanne: I knew you looked familiar. I saw you on the news later in the day, as one of three to escape. My name's Joanne, by the way.

Sean: Sean Wood (Lays back down)

Joanne: You can borrow one of my brother's shirts, just a black buttoned shirt, It's on the chair. Take it easy for a while first though, OK?

Joanne walks out of the room.



Mission Passed!


Drop some comments, tell me if I should continue posting or not.

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