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Sorry, but as I think most people will say its just luck whether you win or not. I've done the mission 5 times and its only winable if Hilary gets stuck on a wall or is smashed by a police car onto the wrong course. Although you could try knocking him into the water.

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Here's what you do. Change the control configuration so that the right analog stick up accelerates. When you recieve your wanted level, quickly enter the code [R1(2), O, R2, Up, Down Up, Down, Up, Down] while holding the right stick up, and you should still be behind, but on the road. When you come up to the left turn by Rafiels, he will be driving on the sidewalk, ram him into the wall, and he will slow, so jump ahead. At the next turn be careful, because the trees in front of Pole Position will stall you. After that turn, slow down and turn left again, then right, and go through the checkpoint. Speed up, and drive fast through the other check points and you should win.

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Hillary's car has better acceleration. Your car does not reach top speed as fast, but in turn has a higher top speed. Drive by him as fast as you can, and try very hard not to hit anything, and use your handbrake for sharp turns. It takes a few tries, but once you drive decently without slowing down too much, you should be able to stay ahead of him.

Which of course is the way to beat him without cheating :P


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