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Who still plays these?


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lol, a uncle playing, my mom played GTA2 once, that i had for PS1

now i got it for PC, i downloaded it, i downloaded GTA1, but i runed to fast, and made me dizzy, and i tought GTA2 would run that fast, but same thing, so its the game, or my eyes are going nuts, anyways, yeah, i still play GTA2 :D

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Yeah man, you know I'm still playing the old TOP-DOWN GTAs, especially GTA2, man, I still find it enjoyable, really like the dark atmosphere it has and all. It's a classic man, classic. Also fun playing GTA1, so yeah man, still playing these classics, wouldn't it be great if these ones were downloadable on Xbox Live?

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Well I haven't modded anything, or created any mods when it comes to GTA and GTA2, just satisfied the way it is you know, but having it a little bit more realistic sounds fun. Well, would be nice to have GTA and GTA2 here on the Download section but, you know it's free on the rockstar website, so I mean, I don't know if it's that necessary when you just have a couple of clicks away to download it anyway, know what I'm saying.

Something cool I guess, would be if you could download GTA and GTA2 on Xbox Live :)

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you have your GTA classy(s) "in-original-status" kinda :D

by the way, what means gouranga?

and what's the 4th gang (island gang) that allways shoot you?

Gouranga is a Hare Krishna word for "Be Happy". It's Rockstar's way of taking the piss out of them I think, lol.

I still play occasionally, as my sig shows :P

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As if you bothered playing these games.

Prick. Thet ARE GTA, this IS the GTA PLACE. If you don't respect the fact that peopkle play GTA, infact the FIRST GTA(s), then yopu should just GTFO mate.

'As if you bother' as if yo0u bother to come down here, critisize us for playing GTA, and call yourself a fan. Get over yourself. And hell, back in the 90's, the days of DMA design, they were pure, shit -0 hot entertainment. maybe being subject to GTA from a young age has given me an attitude like this, but who cares? it only help me to obliterate arrogant twats like yo.


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