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Which forum members would you like to meet?


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You can't have a joke without someone jumping ton conclusions around here can you :/.

He was just questioning your statement..... And BTW, jokes/sarcasm are harder to detect on the internet where we lack a voice or visual emotion. Hince the use of emoticons and [/end] tags.

I'd like to meet my DS members. All of you, get to Florida, now.

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We should organise UK/Euro and US/Canada meet-ups. I have a feeling they'd fail, but it's worth a try. GTAF manage to pull them off, though they do have hundreds of thousands more members to choose from, so we're at a slight disadvantage :P

But they do only actually get 7 to 10 people that actually go. Thats nothing, really.

Propably Chris or Jared they seem cool.

Thanks :).

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