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Post pics of your car

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I love the sound of European V8s. American ones just as much, if not more. Love the grumble sound at idle / slow movement (low RPMs)

Yeah man the sound of a big block, with a heavy cam and good exhaust is to die for. *drools*

For Turbo 6 Cylinders, Skyline and Supras rock.

Man I know exactly what ya talking about . Holdens Greatest Car Ever(Except a F250)We used to have one of those cars but my dad's a pisshead so you can imagine what happened to it but yeah they are awesome cars now i have a 86 nissan pintara for hooning around my estate coz i kinder live in a rural area with like 500 people so yeah they don't care :thumbsup::thumbsup:

and remeber


I think Ford Australia has some pretty nice cars too. One of my favourite Aussie cars is the XY GTHO Phase 3, but as for Holdens, I love old ones.

If I ever go to the states I want to have a drive in a new Corvette or Mustang. Man I love those. :clapping:

Incase you guys can't already tell, I'm a massive car freak. lol

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This is my parents car. were trying to sell it now but no one wants it since they dont sell them here anymore.

What country?


yeah it's a ford a very known car how come

1.cause ford america refused to make them in left hand drive anymore.

2.they didnt sell great but went all right.

3.becaus ehte territory basically killed it over here.

ive heard its reaaly popular over in the usa.

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Jace, why wouldn't you want to have that car? It's got some style.. you could pick up woman in that FTW!

Sup3r late reply FTW!

I surely like the car. I only said he might change he's mind.. And I don't think it's actually worth the money.. That costs 60 000 Euro, for 40 000 you can get a great car, only not mercedes.

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If I ever went to Australia, I'd have to drive one of these


Taurus Ghia. All the options (plus handbrake, US taurus didn't get that) except the 3.4SHO.

Hmmm I think Taurus' look like a dropped pancake. lol

Just think they look ugly, that's all. ;)

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I typed in rusted taurus one time and got a picture of my car.

The exact one? When i turn 16 my mom is giving her the ol' 4Runner which'll be awesome even if it isn't a concept or exotic car. It's a 90's so it looks nicer but isn't as good when it comes to performence... I'll post a pic when I get the adapter for the camera.

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That is a Korean Car called a Ssangyong Musso , 4x2 quite nice inside

i like my dad's girlfriends car better, excpet the picture shown is wrong she has a two door and and it is a gay ugly yellow brown colour.

SkyliNe , what manufacture is your car it looks really nice , if it had a new front bumber a new paint job on the (pink :P )rims i think it would a very nice car

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