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Post pics of your car


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oh ok lol.

gemini lolz...

that car reminds me of the cars at khanacross lol.

haha i love those picture things. have you seen the "ingenuity" , honda civic or something with the piping coming out of the bonnet (hole cut out) and a turbo just hanging like 50cm above the bonnet. guy at work had that lmao.

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Hell yes! That's a good way to cram some extra power into your ride, although a 350 stroker would have gone down a treat! :)

I bloke I know named Kingsley, he owns a TD Gemini Wagon that he has legally road registered with a V6 Buick engine from a VN Commodore, supercharged. Cost a fair bit of dosh, engineering certificates and whatnot, but was it worth it. I also have some footage of that as well. Top machine.

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nice lol. v6 supercharged. that'd fly.

well this was only for motorkhana i think (theres like cones laid out and you gotta navigate correct way through the cones, its usually lowish speeds, like <50kmh, that was one of the first events i did...pretty fun nevertheless) but yeah it sounded pretty mean.

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...... although a 350 stroker would have gone down a treat! :)

Or get serious & build an Aussie block Cleavland. There's enough meat in the block to boar & stroke 'em from 351 to 400

cid easily (that's almost a full liter to you metric guys). The heads are far better than other pushrod heads w/ the one

exception of a Chrysler Hemi & easy to find.

Yea, we heard of 'em up here.

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My car. 2007 Dodge Charger.



What a sexy little car.

Actually, I think it's hideous. The NEW Charger, however........ MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

well it might not be as impressive as some others here but here is my new car. i like it anyway :P adding a spoiler next week




just got the spoiler in today


That is actually a rather nice car. I much prefer the Evo to any of them, but that doesn't change the fact that you have a pretty car.

Thats because it was took in italy and I went to the same place it was taken in my car.

I never said the pic was mine. + It is the same colour as mine.

My mum is dead and I am older than 18,

And I am not going to buy a camera incase a family member buys one for me for Christmas.

Yeaaah, you can afford a Bugatti but you'll put off buying a camera in case a family member buys you one for Christmas. What a load of shit((I know these are old posts, you can all kiss my ass :tongue: ))

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Hi im here to roast your cars, please choose a Flavor of Sauce.

11.78 quarter mile.

fc RX7 ?

Yeye, Got a V8 350 from a nova :whistle:

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Okay, it's short a couple wheels, but you get the point. Ladies & gentlemen, may I present Vengence.


A little work & effort should put this bad animal on the road. Did a little trading & got this for less than a basket case

goes for. The frame is an '85 converted to a hard tail, the engine is a '75 Sporty 5-speed converted to Shovel Head

(these are the fast ones) displacing an even 1000 cc (60 inch) & dynos at 85-90 hp.

Any day a man gets a Harley is a good day.

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pajero woo lol.

we got a 2000 pajero exceed and a 2002 rav4 cruiser both silver. cbf pics. well i think i have one of the rav4 but its from google map street view. then all of you would know where i live / what my house looks like :P

i drive the rav mainly i drove the pajero a bit before but too big :P

OK i found these on google. the rav4 we have is EXACTLY like this, except of course the numberplate. 350_11867823.jpg

350_12151587.jpg same except numberplate and its silver not green.

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Exactly like my parents car,but this one is red,and my parents one is black.

Not all fancy yet((as I'm one broke motherfucker)), but here's my 99 Jetta.



As basic as basic gets, really. Four-cylinder, 2.0 liter, manual transmission. Fucking LOVE the gas mileage though.

This car is called ''Bora'' in Brasil.

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Dad got himself a modded 1200 Sportster recently, to my surprise. Dunno about the cams, but it has a pair of billet Edelbrock heads and straight pipes. He had to replace the tank to a Fat Bob, though, as well as the foot controls, although it is epic nonetheless.

Wonder what Outlaw can say about this... :awesome:

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