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Why you be hatin' on Chris Crocker?

It's was a joke invented by yours truly, meant for a giggle, I saw this manga movie on YouTube a few months ago and decided it would be funny if he was to encounter Chris Crocker.

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Ok, here you can talk everything off-topic without being off-topic.


-normal forum rules, with exception of the spamming one

-all spam or irrelevant stuff or just something you quickly want to say has to go in this topic, that for obvious reasons.

-for the people who're used to /b/: NO GORE OR CP. Though moderate JB is allowed, as long as it can't be clasified as porn or content not for underaged, please keep that in the 'hot babe/women thread'.


Please do at the least have some sort of content in your post(s).


First Post ^^^^

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TM: Yeah Yeah Yeah

Double G: lolwut

TM: ??

Double G: Who's this?

TM: TM from TGTAP.

Double G: Ah yes.

TM: Wut

Double G: Sort of from their.

TM: Sort of...?

Double G: Ha, Yeah, I joined.


Double G: I took the HTML from teh site.

TM: You're gay, bitch.

Double: I'm hetero you ass.

TM: Yeah, srsly, get a life.

Double G: Why?

TM: Cuz you stole teh IPB codes.

Double G: Yeah, kk, GG.

TM: Srsly, look at ma profile bitch.

Double G: So?

TM: I'm the moderator on there.

Double G: And?

TM: Suspend you forever.

Double G: Lol, do it.

TM: okay then, B&.


Double G: You banned me for 1337 days.

TM: Ya srsly.

Double G: You're gonna pay.

TM: How? By maths-debating?

Double G: Your sites gonna get hacked.

TM: I blocked your IP ya titfuck.

Double G: Oh really?

Double G: show me.

TM: Nuh, but I got your IP. (:

Double G: Show me it then, I bet you didn't get the right IP.


TM: Owned bitch.

Double G: Right.

TM: Owned and corrected.

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