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The Kanker Sisters are horrible and disgusting :wacko:

Leave the Eds alone you cretins :angry:

YEAH THEY KEEP ON RAPING Eddy in the courtyard everyday,and i want some more stories about girly.

here is my story

two hot 16 year olds in the a hotub,one named wendy other named vig,Vig feeling horny decied to lip lock with wendy,wendy soon gave in there lips were warm they soon got even hornyier taking slower kissess then vig stuck her soft hands up in Wendys mouth Wendy sucked it slow,Vig then pulled her towel off then followed by Wendy there breasts touching each other Vig sucked Wendys.WENDY THEN MOANED ahh,harder sexy baby.Vig then went down to Wendy pussy and licked around the edges.Then they got out the hotub and into the bedroom Vig then scissored Wendys pussy humping harder and harder,UNTIL wendy decied to to ge up rub her soft and gently pussy in VIG face Vig then licked the pussy her toung nice and a warm and Wendy told Vig to get on her belly Wendy grabbed Vig ass and licked nice and slow then wendy decied to put her but on VIGS BUT she then looked under and stuck her finger up vigs warm anal cavity Vig moaned ah,ah,ooh that turns me on Vig then moved and put her pussy on Wendys butt and said Nice feeling you give she then climaxed all over Vig then Vig climaxed on Wendy they then decided to go to sleep Vig resting in Wendys breasts and Wedy holding Vig ass.

Nice story hu,

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I'm starting a new segment called:

MMORPG Players Don't Use Proper Grammar (and/or spelling) Exhibits

Don't worry everyone that misses my classics, they'll come whenever I feel like.

Exhibit A

hi, im lvl 80 archer and i can fly! unlike stupid trojens and warriars who cannot fly. when i fly, they cannot hit me.

when i hit them when im flying, they are paralyzed with fear, stunned for more than minute thy do nt dare to retaliate. hence, i can defeat all trojens and wariors much highr lvl thn mysef.

i have killed a level 120 trojen im not lying, i am pro. archers are pro, warriors and trojen are nob, fires are ok but they die under my high magic defense (125).

i can scater in ap city, hiting mny trojens who jup arond trying to hit me but /fail. trojens is nob, wariorrs canot do shi*t. am i rigt to say archers defeat evryon?

Emphasis : 1)i am rebon and have guard!

2) normal gear + no pot = archer > trojen

Poll : vot for the one u like best!

curren stat: more than 70% of ppl think trojen warior nob an fire tao > trojen warior. nobody think trojen and warior good. 25% think archer good.


Edited by Rashon.

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I'm so happy. Cause today I found my friends... They're in my head. I'm so ugly. But that's okay, 'cause so are you... We've broke our mirrors. Sunday morning is everyday for all I care. And I'm not scared. Light my candles.. In a daze cause I've found god.

I like it, I'm not gonna crack. I miss you, I'm not gonna crack.. I love you, I'm not gonna crack... I kill you, I'm not gonna crack.

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