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Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick,

and think of you

caught up in circles confusion--

is nothing new

Flashback--warm nights--

almost left behind

suitcases of memories,

time after--

sometimes you picture me--

I'm walking too far ahead

you're calling to me, I can't hear

what you've said--

Then you say--go slow--

I fall behind--

the second hand unwinds


if you're lost you can look--and you will find me

time after time

if you fall I will catch you--I'll be waiting

time after time

after my picture fades and darkness has

turned to gray

watching through windows--you're wondering

if I'm OK

secrets stolen from deep inside

the drum beats out of time--


if you're lost...

you said go slow--

I fall behind

the second hand unwinds--


if you're lost...

...time after time

time after time

time after time

time after time

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Carly: We made fun of Miss Briggs and her crazy, pointy boobs!

[Crowd Laughing]

Sam: But look, Carly, there's only 27 views.

Carly: Sam... [shrieking] That's 27,000!

[Crowd Laughing]

Keep in mind it's a TV-Y7 Sitcom. Boy, shows like this are getting more obscene day by day.

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You wouldn't believe what I found in my fridge.
I'm not sure I want to know......what?
I wanna know too.Lets make this a quoting train.
Ok, here you can talk everything off-topic without being off-topic.Rules-normal forum rules, with exception of the spamming one-all spam or irrelevant stuff or just something you quickly want to say has to go in this topic, that for obvious reasons.-for the people who're used to /b/: NO GORE OR CP. Though moderate JB is allowed, as long as it can't be clasified as porn or content not for underaged, please keep that in the 'hot babe/women thread'.GuidelinePlease do at the least have some sort of content in your post(s). spam.
Yeah, god dammit, I quoted a 5 year old post!
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