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Is GTA SA the best game  

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  1. 1. Is gta sa is the best game

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LOL you must have been driving around on it a while :D

Yeah, until I touched the bumper of an Esperanto & the ped went psycho. The Mower rolled 17 times before it caught on

fire. I barely escaped, but the Mower took out the Esperanto when it blew. My poor little red mower, a fighter to the end.

Bloody peds, nightmare trying to drive down the motorway without hitting anyone or being hit.

Im trying to replace every car with a real car. Im guessing someone has done or tried to do this before?

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I WANT THAT SULTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can i have it?plz?everytime i try to go in transfender it wont open -.-...somon1 plz help?(again help god my stuf is laggy and glitchey)

The Transfender Doesn't Mod Sultans But Wheel Arch Angels Does. It's East Of The San Fierro Transfenders.

Those first 3 look like good mayhem pics, been busy?

Not Really. All I Had To Do Was Stand In Front Of 1 Car. The Cars On That Road Are Crazy. San Andreas Has Some Weird Glitch Where All The Cars Speed Round Insainly! I Think It's A Glitch from All The Cheats I've Entered.

lol i got 2 problems

1. How do you turn a .bmp image into a usable .jpeg or .jpg image?

2. How do i upload a pic if it's bigger than the upload size (i've had a lot of trouble with this lately. Everything is too big!!!) and the pic is not on a webpage?

PLZ answer i got one of THE greatest pics ever

1. I Find The Easiest Way Is To Right Click The bmp And Click Open With And Select Microsoft Paint And Save It As A jpg.

2. What Is You Img Size And Where Are You Trying To Upload It To?

I Find FileDen Is Great For Uploading Anything. It Has A Max. Upload Size Of 50mb And 5GB Free Storage!

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