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Stunting bloopers


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I dunno why, but I dont find it enjoyable watching failing attempts. I get enough of them during my stunting periods.

u2b is the shit for failure stunts.


And yeah, u2b is the place to go. Not only shitty stunt videos, I have trouble finding good parkour videos aswell. That happens when you give people the power to do what they want :rolleyes:

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I was trying this nice Dbl p2b - BB in Los Venturas for the [sA] collab. Later finding out that the platform at the front of the billboard isnt large enough for CJ to even stand on let alone have a bike on. I tried this for 2 days before i decided to check it out closely.. LOL @ me :angry: I attached a short clip showing one of the more brutal bails i took trying this. I bounced off the billboard SO many times, and flew over it once too :mellow:

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Nope, used RADs speed method. I believe DeathCobra explains it in his Complete Guide to Stunting SA.

Edit - I fly pretty much the same distance and height in The Burning Desire at 2:46. Its very possible

EDIT #2 - I went back and tried this again lol came up with Dissapointment V.2 no handling changes were made nor were any modifications used.

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