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VCS PS2 Rumours Debunked


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You may have read on various websites and forums on the interwebs over the last few days some juicy rumours regarding new content and multiplayer modes in the PlayStation 2 port of Vice City Stories. Thanks to Eurogamer, we can confirm that sadly, none of them are true - the only improvements you'll see will be to the graphics, and increased draw distance.

Eurogamer were able to get word from Rockstar debunking these rumours, and while there were no comments specifically regarding what seems to be an error on Take2's Italian mirror, it sounds like there won't be any exclusive content in the game either. However, we'll have to wait for more confirmation on this though.

Article: Eurogamer

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I never heard of those rumors... TBH I don't really care about the lack of new features, if it goes on sale for less than £20 I'll be a happy man.

Then you're in luck, the shops will have it for £19.99. That's a whole 1p under your budget!

The rumours came from various European retailers having inaccurate descriptions on their product pages.

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