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[SA] My First 2 GTA Videos

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These are my first two videos. My goal overall is to one day get on GTAgaming.com and thegtaplace.com in the downloads section. I would realy appreciate your feedback to help me get there! If your a member of youtube, please rate!

Please rate them out of ten, you do not have to but it helps.

Editing: /10

Stunts: /10

Camera: /10

Overall entertainment: /10


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Good first videos, Rammstein kick ass.

You should head over to www.gtastunting.com and look at some tutorial vids/guides etc and you'll be sure to improve very fast ;)

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Editing: 6/10

Stunts: 3/10

Camera: 4/10

Overall: 5/10

I didnt like how you showed the same stunt over, and over. If you click both mouse buttons and hold them while the replay is replaying, you can zoom in or out (hold both mouse buttons). Other then that, I think these video's were good for your first try. Just try and make the stunts "larger/Higher". Good Job, none the less.

I attached a link to the "Replay Removed" so that when you hit f1 that annoying replay text isnt there anymore.

replace the american.gxt in "GTASanAndreas/Text" folder (be sure to create backups)

Replay Removed


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