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Dark Lord

The TGTAP Stunting Challenges

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The Challenges will be from San Andreas and Vice City(Including the Liberty City Mod)



1st Place:1500 $

2nd Place:750 $

3rd Place:250 $

2:You can't do your own challenges.

3:The use of

* Gravity Enhancing Tools/Trainers/Game Modifications

* Handling.cfg Changes

* Map mods

* Modded vehicles. is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED.

4:You must state what type of vehicle you would like to see the stunt performed with.

5:If it is a certain area you would like to see the stunt in you must post a picture

6:A new challenge can only be posted by the person that won the old one, eg:If I did a Vice City challenge, it would be my turn to post a new Vice City challenge. Or I could let somebody else post one.

7:When you have completed a challenge you will have to show a .rep (excluding LCS/VCS), a video clip (upload at YouTube or putfile wink.gif) and the insane stunt bonus that followed the stunt. If you don't know how to save replays here is an extract from Ghostchild's tutorial:

(Ghostchild @ Jul 31 2005, 03:52 PM) *

When you've done a stunt, DO NOT record it right away! Press F2, about 5 seconds after you've successfully landed, then press ALT + Tab and copy the replay.rep (which is located in My Documents/GTA (SA/VC/III) User Files, I think). Then paste it in a new folder where you keep all of your stunt. You can also change the name of the replay.rep to something that describes the stunt (f.ex "Bump - roof malibu"). When you've done that, go back to the folder where you saved the replay.rep and copy it over to My Documents/Gta (SA/VC/III) User Files and rename it replay.rep, if you changed it before. Then go back into Vice City and press F3. You'll now see the replay.

8:When you do a challenge you must stay on the bike, you cannot fall off/ jump off / land in water.

9:And the most important rule.The DEADLINE of Each CHALLENGE is 1 week.If no one submits/compleats the Challenge.A new one will be put.And minimum 3 participants are necessary.

Special Thankz to Ghost for the idea as well as the Rules.

The Winner's Badge will be like this.For Example


Are You Our Supporter:Put this on your Sign:



Or Use The one made by StuntX.

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Wel-come to the Vice City Stunting Challenges

This Challenge will consist of Three-Five Rounds(Depending on the Member's Participation Number).Each Challenge with a different Goal.The Dead-line of each Challenge is One Week.After each Challenge is set.The Winners will be announced.There will be one Winner and one Runner-up.

After winning those.The Winners will go to the Stunting Maina.And the Winner will be TGTAP VC CHALLENGE FINAL WINNER.

The winner will receive Prize as well as Forum Money.


Challenge #1

Get the maximum height possible with PCJ 600,without help of any other vehicle.

And stay on the bike.Dont fall off and Dont Bail off after landing.

The Participation requires,Completion of Challenge by presenting the .rep file as well as One Picture of the Stunt-POP UP.

Current Standings




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Welcome To The San Andreas Stunting Challenges.

(Note- San Andreas' Section is slightly different to Vice City's.)


The userbar for San Andreas Winners will be like that for Round 1 only. Each round will have a different winner's userbar. Each challenge is one round. After the first 10 challenges , i will put all the replays into a small video named San Andreas : Season One TgtaP Stunt Challenges. All stunter's names will be in the frame. And all credit will go to stunters.

Also , winning a challenge makes you a world (TgtaP) record holder. Runners up badges/userbars will also be created if wanted by the runner(s) up. Heres on for all you supporters: stuntleagesupporteruv9.png

Pm me for the link.

Round One. Get Stunting!

Set By : Stunt X

Type : Biggest Distance From A StairCase.

Deadline: Top 3 will be automatically chosen as winners. No specific Date/Time.

Other Rules: Send Replays WITH insane stunt popup included to me , via youtube.


Edited by StuntX

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All right this seems pretty cool, though before it gets underway, let me just give you my 2 cents on the graphics used here, because in my opinion you guys aren't doing yourself any favours by not making that much of an effort with them, let me explain further...



Winners badge:


Ok, with your graphics, what's with all the white backgrounds? Looks like it's done in paint. Make them either transparent, or perhaps better the same colour as the background to this post, the grey colour. It would look so much better.

The winners badge simply delete all the white round the edge and save as a .gif




Ok the top image - are you trying to go for the reflection effect? If you are then send me the .psd I'll fix it for you ;)

Finally, your usersbars. Just stop and look at them for a second, the font is awful, quite hard to read because it's so big. Lord Voldemort seems to have used the correct one though, so get his. Or possibly make yours smaller, I'm not sure if it's just the size that's making it look weird, but it is after all a pixel font. If stroke's are overlapping then just adjust the letter-spacing in the advanced properties of the text tool.

Hope my advice helps, don't mean any offence by it, I just think it should look better than it does at the moment, and more attractive to potential participants ;)

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Well.Actually if i made the first Pic transparent.The bike looks completely deformed.As the color and the background of the original pic are somewhat same.So i though let it be white.I will change the BROUGHT TO YOU gfx now.

And as for the Badge.The outer side was transparent.But by mistake i saved it as .gif.So that part got converted to white.

I will make Changes now.

And now the Money Chris.Are you gonna supply the points?.Or do i have to use it from my Account?


By Ghost

I'm sorry I'm running this so poorly. I have been really inactive latley and will be for a few months, so if someone wanted to takeover this be sure to wink.gif

And yeah.If anybody wants to help us.In Stunting Challenges in VCS and LCS.Or any other way.PM me or StuntX.

Edited by Lord Voldemort

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I would add a nice feature of this contest:

Everyone who mod some vehicles and they want to do stunt with it just write down in a forum maybe in this topic that you need original .dff and .txd and someone would put it on forum.

And can we use MySpace.com

Edited by CroScorpion

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When you do the stunt.

The Stats that come.-Hieght ,Flips Degrees etc.

I call it stunt Pop Up :lol:

Dunno why.

Uhm dude, just as gof said, that's called ISB (insane stunt bouns). Call it whatever you want, but try to use the official terms when making/hosting challenges, not many people know what a stunt popup is ;)

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i'm gonna try to beat GiftedMisFits jump

In an NRG-500!

and before you lot say you've changed the bike, i havnt

DareDevilX made a new skin 4 it

Biggest distance in SA

1086!ft off the side of mt. chiliad

srry i ain't got fraps


Edited by RaDi0N

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