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Invisible bikes....PCJ600


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I have replaced most cars now, and it works fine, BUT yesterday I noticed that I couldnt see that many bikes on the streets. And sometimes when driving around I crash into something invisible, and when the bike-driver flies off the bike he becomes visible.

So I went to the old airport to try the PCj600 that is always there, looks great when it´s parked but when i get on it I dissappear. I can drive araound a little, but when I press up to lean forward I ended up falling through the sky, falling forever and never hit ground.

And getting off the bike is no solution either, I get stuck floating sideways in the air like 50cm above the street, and I'm folded with my head between my feet. :huh:

But all the other seems to work, except the Sanchez which doesnt lie down in the corners.

Does anyone know anything about this ??

Have I f___ed something up when adding cars ??

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well, here´s the videos: rightclick save as

invisible PCJ 600


it looks like i can stand up in the end but thats only after i fired a couple of shots, I end up floating right after the film ends.

a stiff sanchez


it corners nice, dont you think.

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i guess you mean the sanchez?

usually it leans in the corners and cj put out his leg, my sanchez doesnt do that.

(Must be hard to drive a bike in a vertical position in corners ;) )

It's like that all the time on the sanchez, and the pcj600 is invisible whenever I get on it, or anyone else gets on it, if its parked i can see it.

here are rapid links:



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I must have f_c_ed something up when editing the handling, carcols or vehicle data files.

But I cant see whats wrong. All bike data seem fine.

I even replaced the pcj600 just to see if I screwed those lines up, but it behaves the same way, but with a much nicer bike ;)

So it cant be the pcj600 lines that are wrong :(

And I dont remember which car I replaced when it messed up, I didnt notice it right away, guess I replaced a few cars more before I noticed it.

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I've already tried that didn't work. I installed a Kawasaki Z1 1975.

Then I installed original files from my backup, didn't work.

Well I could always switch back to the original /model and /data folders, and begin all over again, but ....

hmm.. :blush: I'm a little bit lazy.

But if it's the only solution I'll do that.

I will replace ALL Cars, trucks and most of the other vehicles, if I don't screw it up when I'm almost done everytime.

This will be my third try :D

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So now I know whats causing my problem.

Thought it would be interesting for you.

I started to replace the cars all over again, but I started with some

of the last cars I replaced last time.

And there it was, a car I like very much, it was a 1970 Pontiac Lemans Scrapyard (glenshit replacement)

I don't understand why it causes this but it was when I added that car the problem came back.

Too bad, I really liked that car.

EDIT : here´s a link to the car http://gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer.de...;contentid=1315

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It's the YARDIE handling line that messes the bikes up.

If I follow the instructions that came with the car, the bikes freak out.

If I install all files except the handling line, the bikes work fine, but when the car spawns it's blown up.

It doesnt have a handling line so its really not that strange.

Does anyone know if its possible to replace the Glenshit successfully ??

Should the handling line stay at the bottom of the page in the "old cars" section ??

Or is it some aother trick to it ?

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