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Do you listen to rap music?


Do you listen to rap music?  

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Yeah its poll, everyone can say his/her opinion.

Back on th subject,

The thing with OG rappers is that although i usually hate the lyrics (''i'm a real gangsta, i pop ya biatch'' and so on), i might like the song. For example Snoop Dogg - Vato, the lyrics contain soooooooooo much bullshit, (like Snoop is a gangsta, i mean just look at him :) ), but its catchy, and theres that dude singing from Cypress Hill which is a good thing.

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Just my opinion (because that's what this topic's for ;) ) but I've always hated rap. The only rap I've actually enjoyed was in San Andreas. I heard it so much on the radio I just kind of got into it. Other than that, I've never liked it and that is probably because I've never understood the meaning or purpose of rap. I don't consider rap music, more like a poorly made poem with a beat.

So no, I don't usually listen to rap. (Alternative Hard Rock ftw :P )

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Rap music blows, they could all go suck big fat donkey dicks.

I once saw some Donkey Porn YUCK! But thats your opinion.

I'M not the biggest fan but don't mind some of it like Tupac. And also 2003 were did you see that donkey porn?

I typed up xxx on ask and thats where i saw women getting banged up the ass by horses. And i like Tupac also.

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Biggie is one of my favourite rappers & 2pac & i like old skool rap & underground but not none of the new shit on the radio, rap has gone way to commercial

my gavourite rap songs r most probabaly these

2Pac - Hail Mary

Biggie - Juicy

MC Eight - Straight up menace

2pac - How long will they mourn me

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I don't listen to rap at all, no pop, no hip hop or new age rock. They all suck in my opinion. I listen the old rock like Ozzy, Metallica, AC/DC, GN'R etc and metal.

Rap isn't music. Music is actual instruments like guitar, drums etc. The new rock that some people listen to today just sucks because the technical term for its power-pop. Good music like metal and classic rock is good because of the guitar solos.

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No way I'm gonna listen rap! I don't listen it now, and I don't want to listen it in the future. It sucks! I don't hear any music there, it's simply stupid. Heavy metal rules.

P.S. Guys who like rap sorry, but this is just what I think, and we all know that everybody thinks different.

It's an opinion. It's not necessarily right, but it is an opinion.

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