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15 Gorgeous New GTAV PC Screenshots

By Chris | 27th Feb 2015 at 18:19 GMT in GTA V | 0 Comments

After annoying everyone by delaying the PC version of GTAV once again, Rockstar are cheering us up by showing off some gorgeous new screenshots of the game to keep your appetite whet. Check these beautiful 4K shots out:

gtav02272015_1.jpg gtav02272015_2.jpg gtav02272015_3.jpg gtav02272015_4.jpg gtav02272015_5.jpg gtav02272015_6.jpg gtav02272015_7.jpg gtav02272015_8.jpg gtav02272015_9.jpg gtav02272015_10.jpg gtav02272015_11.jpg gtav02272015_12.jpg gtav02272015_13.jpg gtav02272015_14.jpg gtav02272015_15.jpg

You can see all the previously released 4K resolution shots in our GTAV PC Screenshots gallery.

GTA Online Heists Arriving 10th March, GTAV PC Delayed AGAIN

By Chris | 24th Feb 2015 at 16:05 GMT in GTA V | 4 Comments


Do we really need to say anything more?
It's getting beyond a joke now but here we are, Rockstar have once again given us some dates for the release of GTA V on the PC, as well as heists for GTA Online. Some fans have been quick to point out that Rockstar haven't actually specified which year this time, which did make us giggle.
Rockstar do offer their "apologies" for the, what is this? The 4th or 5th delay now? An extra $ 200,000 in-game cash will be given to those who have pre-ordered... If social media commentary is to be believed then this counts for nothing. A rather substantial amount of people are really not happy about the whole debacle, with many canceling or have already canceled their pre-order out of sheer frustration, some even admit they will turn to other means of acquiring the game. Constant delays are never good news for a game, even for one as high profile as GTA V that benefits from people buying it regardless just because "it's GTA". The loss of trust from loyal gamers and early pre-order purchasers could hurt in the long run. It's probably technically impossible to know just how many fans have actually canceled their order, though, and also how many were going to order but have since changed their mind.
There is somewhat of a silver lining to this news though, at least for the console gamers, as Heists for GTA Online are apparently on track for release on the 10th March, which is just a couple of weeks away now. Rockstar promise more updates about this and other unnamed "new features" over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully they don't delay the news updates too.
Here's some new screenshots showing action from heists:

gtav_02242015_1.jpg gtav_02242015_2.jpg gtav_02242015_3.jpg gtav_02242015_4.jpg gtav_02242015_5.jpg gtav_02242015_6.jpg gtav_02242015_7.jpg gtav_02242015_8.jpg gtav_02242015_9.jpg gtav_02242015_10.jpg gtav_02242015_11.jpg

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