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More GTA IV Details

By Gerard | 26th Aug 2007 at 12:01 GMT in GTA IV | 29 Comments

Since the delay of GTA IV, various gaming magazines have trickled out some fairly specific new information about GTA IV. Perhaps most notably, confirmation that the game will be set in October 2007, the initial planned release date.

  • The Xbox 360 Version of the game is 80% complete
  • The game itself is set in October 2007.
  • Niko can have several missions active at one time, cycling through them via your phone's 'To Do' list.
  • And in the middle of a mission, Niko can take on entirely different jobs.
  • Niko can pay double the amount to make the taxi drivers drive twice as fast.
  • Pedestrians also Cough, Sneeze, Smoke and Mutter in their breath
  • Hardly any duplicate pedestrian models and car models in the same area.
  • Throughout the game, bigger weapons will have to be stashed out of sight or Niko will attract attention.
  • The offices are large with multiple rooms and the jumpy glitchiness of the PS2 titles is largely absent.

Available are the magazine scans and summaries.

More GTA IV/Vice City Related Images From Leipzig

By rockstarrem | 26th Aug 2007 at 01:38 GMT in GTA IV | 10 Comments

New images have recently appeared over the internet from Leipzig Games Convention. It looks like they're showing people the lock box, duffel bag, GTA IV soundtrack, and some Vice City related items.

3611_gtaiv_games_convention_leipzig8ye_th.jpg3612_gtaiv_games_convention_leipzig1jx_th.jpg 3613_gtaiv_games_convention_leipzigw1r_th.jpg 3614_gtaiv_games_convention_leipzigswl_th.jpg

Update: If you look at this picture, there is something that says San Andreas in the background.


GTA IV At Leipzig Games Convention?

By MishoM | 18th Aug 2007 at 00:37 GMT in GTA IV | 12 Comments

While browsing a few gaming blog websites today, I noticed that they've released a few new photos of the Games Convention show floor. One of them caught my eye in particular:


I suppose this confirms that not only will Rockstar Games be at Leipzig, but that GTA IV will also be making an appearance. However, as you can see in that picture of the show floor, since the game has it’s own huge billboard at the show, I suppose Rockstar will be announcing something regarding the game. This "something" could be the new release date, a new trailer, and who knows, the game could even be playable at the show (although I highly doubt this).

I'm also assuming that Manhunt 2, Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis (Wii), and Bully (Wii, 360) will be at the show as well as GTA IV. The Leipzig Games Convention takes place August 23rd - August 26th, TheGTAPlace will keep you updated on all things concerning GTA IV at the show.

More Games Convention Photos

The Games Convention Blog

GTA IV Trailer 1 Re-make

By Chris | 7th Aug 2007 at 13:13 GMT in GTA IV | 12 Comments

You may remember a month ago today we posted about a fan made trailer created by Brotha. He took the time to recreate the entire second GTAIV trailer using just San Andreas and a couple of mod tools.

Over the past weekend, other GTA sites began seemingly randomly posting it, and it appears to have given Brotha the inspiration to create another video. This time he has recreated the first GTA IV trailer - yes, a step backwards in time, but nevertheless another great effort from him. Check it out below or here at

Let's hope he recreates the next trailer too!

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Retailers Told March 2008

By Chris | 4th Aug 2007 at 17:07 GMT in GTA IV | 15 Comments

Take-Two have apparently been telling retailers the new release date for GTA IV is "March 2008" - nothing more specific than that. The traditional Tuesday (in the US) release dates in March will fall on the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th, which one it will be we have no idea.

Several retailers have been putting March 4th, others are putting dates as late as June. Take-Two have themselves said in the press release "Q2-2008" of their fiscal year, meaning any time between February and April.

Other GTA sites are claiming March 4th is the "confirmed" date, though of course, no sources are cited. However, retailers are never a reliable source (EBGames anyone?), until we hear directly from Rockstar or Take-Two we cannot really confirm any particular day. So for now, March 2008 is a safe estimate for the release month.

Take-Two Explains The GTA IV Delay

By MishoM | 3rd Aug 2007 at 00:51 GMT in GTA IV | 19 Comments

As many of you know, earlier today Take-Two announced that GTA IV would be delayed into 2008. Well, the reasons behind the delay are now a bit clearer. Two Take-Two execs have shed some light on the delay, going on to say that the reason behind the delay were "almost strictly technological problems... not problems, but challenges". The guys, (Strauss Zelnick, Ben Feder) mentioned that they were "highly confident" that Grand Theft Auto IV would ship in the games new "release window" (Q2 2008).

When they were asked if either the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360 were the problem, they responded by saying "I know there have been rumors in the marketplace about frame rate and some other issues. We don't think it's helpful or beneficial to go into exact details of what the technological issues are. We're pushing the envelope on both the platforms." Looks like neither consoles in particular were the root of the issue causing the delay, I'm assuming that the PS3 version of the game being "two weeks behind" wasn't the issue. The "final say" in delaying the game was made by Zelnick, but he stresses that delaying the game was nothing that him, nor Rockstar Games took lightly.

When asked about the Xbox 360 downloadable episodic content packs, Zelnick said that the delay won't effect the deal, and they aren't "...gonna send money back to Microsoft." I'm assuming that the first episodic content pack will go on sale via the Xbox Live Marketplace extremely soon after the game is release - which is good! On a side note, the guys mentioned ManHunt 2. Saying they won't give out a release date until the game receives an "M for Mature" rating.

All of this information was released at Take-Two's "conference call" earlier today. At least we now know exactly what happened! The press release didn't exactly give us many reasons, so it's good to know what was the actual cause before rumors about "the PS3 being the reason", or "the Xbox 360 being the reason" started to pop up. To be honest, this isn't exactly a bad thing. There are many great titles hitting both consoles this fall, the time will fly by!


GTA IV Delayed!

By Gerard | 2nd Aug 2007 at 20:39 GMT in GTA IV | 39 Comments

Today, Rockstar Games published a press release detailing that the launch for Grand Theft Auto IV has been pushed back from October this year. It is now scheduled for release in the second quarter of fiscal year 2008 which begins on October 31st 2007 for Rockstar. We are looking at a delay of a few months for the game, somewhere between February and April.

From the press release:

Take-Two is reducing its fiscal 2007 guidance primarily to reflect the movement of the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007 to fiscal 2008, due to additional development time required to complete the title. The title is now planned for release in the Company’s second quarter of fiscal 2008.

Strauss Zelnick, Chairman of Take-Two, stated:

With Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar is setting a new standard for next generation video games. Certain elements of development proved to be more time-intensive than expected, especially given the commitment for a simultaneous release on two very different platforms. We all recognize that perfecting the game is vital and I can assure everyone it will be worth the wait. We owe it to the game’s millions of fans, to our dedicated development team, and to our shareholders to make sure that Grand Theft Auto IV is a groundbreaking gaming experience that takes maximum advantage of next generation technology.

Take-Two are hosting a 20-minute conference-call tonight at 5:30 pm Eastern Time to discuss these developments, accessible by dialing (877) 407-0984 or (201) 689-8577. A listen-only version will be available live online at, and a replay available online afterwards.

Whilst it is disappointing not to see GTA IV for a few more months, I'm glad that Rockstar are putting their efforts into making this game the best they can, and that they have the guts to delay the launch even just a couple of months away.

The full press release can be read here.

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