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  1. :thumbsup: i would like to see cops with a walkietalkie

    and u can shout it out so they cant call u in

    it would be cool if u can hold 2 wepons at once

    like 2 hand gunes like the pithon

    2 semi autos. like the uzi 9 mm

    and left hand wepons r controled by L2

    and right hand controled with R2

    try to make the grafics better than the getaway then it will be a hell of a lot better.

    ok i wont dabel post any more ill eddit my things insted.

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  2. 1 star cops poll u over and give u a tiket

    i would also like k-9 units,police brunkos,police pickups, :coolthumbup:

    i think there chould be 8 or 10 stars insted of 6!

    mor gangs and low rider cars that have NOS :w00t:

    tanks should look real not like a car with a big censored canon

    the low riders should have neon lights under the chasy

    you can here the police tolking on the scanner about you

    miller should not be an censored hole

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