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  5. Hi, I had a similar problem, you need to update Direct X. And it is DirectX 9 of the latest version. (For example, you can take a disc with some game, find and install DirectX9 on it). But also temporarily this problem can be solved like this: go to the folder *: \ windows \ system32 \, copy any of the files of the d3dx9 _ **. dll type to the directory with the game and rename it to d3dx9_31.dll. You can also put this file in *: \ windows \ system32 \ if other games require this file - so that it does not fit into every folder with the game. Yes, you need to update Direct X.
  6. Do you want to lead youtube channel about your app? You can buy youtube subscribers to have popular channel.
  7. the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is gaming performance. ... The 5600X has the right speeds and core count for any modern game right now. It should perform well with any modern graphics card. For its $299 price (which is inconsistent at the moment), it's really the best option for most people.
  8. The main advice is that high string tensions make your shot more consistent and make it easier to hit topspin shots. If you do not like the “boardy” feel of high tension strings, then use a lower tension but remember to restring regularly to minimize the affects of undesirable string motion.
  9. In the realm of online exchanges, direct deposit appears to be the most straightforward technique through which your cash is effortlessly moved to your investment funds or financial records without the need of going to the bank and presenting a check. With the Cash app direct deposit, your regularly scheduled compensation can without much of a stretch be moved to your Cash app account from the record of your manager. The Cash app direct deposit time is 1-5 work days.
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  12. So i reinstalled GTA San Andreas and figured it might be better to play with gameplay, texture, and other mods. I followed this youtube vid: I installed everything but somehow, I get these kinds of textures, walls, etc. Hoping for a fix.
  13. Sup guys am having problems with enb i think i was instaling few mods to make the game better and one of the graphics mods had this reflection problem the same thing was with a gun its like at the end of the gun its a shadow or something like that . Please help cuz the mods are good and i dont want to change them exept if its needed
  14. New update added new event Squid Game coming out 12.11. 2021
  15. Respected Citizen i think that there should be offiline players as well as in gta samp to make it more realstick.. THANK YOU
  16. Hello sir/mam i have seen that police officers get off duty after gattingf out off the vehicle but i thik it is wrong because once a police officer should always be a police officer but yes if he did's a crime then he shoulb be behind the prison.. And one more thing that please do a lit for me and one and all players playing (Welcome to las santos 3) that higher rank police officers can give order to lower rank police officers.. That's all for Today please look into it. THANK YOU
  17. These modifications really change the game and make it look amazing. I'm using icelaglace's ice 3.0, Bison Sales Vegetation textures, and my own mod that enhances all of the game's textures. Feel Free TO Contact me
  18. Can someone can make the DFF models of: . 2007 Camaro Bumblebee .Optimus Prime . Ratchet . Ironhide . Starscream . G1 Megatron . G1 Starscream Everyone in High Res and Robot mode pleaseee... I will give Credits for it, Thanks for Your Attention Here the Folder with the TXD Textures: 162831457_Bumblebee072007.txd 2046387687_G1MegatronMovie.txd 2022990085_G1StarscreamMovie.txd 678072984_Ironhide2007.txd 1356377790_OptimusPrime2007.txd 1133404269_Ratchet2007.txd 280940855_RobovisionOptimusPrime2007.txd 2084741080_Starscream2007.txd
  19. I offer hosting for various games on Linux, and I am just starting to offer GTA server hosting for both GTA: San Andreas and FiveM. If you would like a free server to help me test my service out I would love to work with you! Just PM me or email me at [email protected] and I can get you started on setting up a server of your own...
  20. hello everyone. i was remastering my gta vc with mods and i came across with a very nice mod called vice city neons. but when i installed it, it gave me the message unhandled exception so kindly can anyone tell me how to fix this annoying crash it happens when i start or load the game and in the middle of loading this thing shows up
  21. Im here to release those cool mods again Enjoy! Cant post all photos of mods cause of forum,CLICK on the link and you will see the rest! LINK: https://damjanovicgidra.blogspot.com/2021/10/gift-from-coldeyflorencia-tokers-13.html Credits : SangrePorSangre,Waffen,Shotcaller,Coldey,Deuce G,Drilla,Liamshie,Andre,Danny,R* and others
  22. Gta san andreas by terrain mod please am confused on how to set the this mod.. Please can someone help me out.... GTA san Andreas liberty city mod by terrain, please I can't set it to play liberty city in san Andreas.. Some one should please help.
  23. Can you help me that Sam problem happend to me my c drive or disk got formated so I installed a new Windows and all the game when I installed gta it didn't create a user file folder and his keeps giving me the error until I created a new user but I want it to work on my original user
  25. hello when i install a car mod and spawn it or finding it when i enter on vehicle my game texture glitch i have attach a file see in down my pc specs are Ram- 4gb proccessor- intel pentinuim gpu- nvidia geforce gt 710 (2gb ram) 500gb hard drive
  26. Damn. This worked for me. Thank you so much!
  27. Every nissan im seeing is a lowered d21 hardbody single cab or the cool euro 4 door. But if some ones up to the task I'd love my truck in here. 1990 nissan d21 SE V6 king cab. Thank you let me know please! And yes this requires your time to build it. If need be, if your works perfect ill pay you also im only paying 1 person. Not a whole crew of ideas separately. GTA IV. If it looks great, I'll pay you again for GTA V as well. Let me know the payment before we begin so we can talk price. When its finished show me a video and then let's do paypal.
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