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  2. brryronnie

    Red Dead Redemption 2, now official!

    I would like to download this game for my pc. Do you have any recommendation where to download this red dead redemption 2 for free?
  3. brryronnie

    GTA IV: San Andreas Beta #3 Released

    GTA san andreas is still best gta game for me since even today you can enjoy playing it. see here why GTA San Andreas is most popular franchise. https://newzoo.com/insights/articles/grand-theft-auto-popular-game-franchise-western-world/
  4. brryronnie

    PSP er, PSV....vita... life expectancy report

    my ps1 and ps2 still work just fine, but needed to turn the console sideways. anyways, just download emulator for faster loading instead of playing it on consoles like ps1 and ps2.
  5. brryronnie

    Xbox 360 first to celebrate!

    you can just buy games on steam instead of buying xbox360 nowadays.
  6. brryronnie

    Saints Row VERSUS GTA

    I still choose GTA over Saintsrow. GTA has so many MODs. and the Graphics is so good. read here for more info https://www.thegamer.com/grand-theft-auto-vs-saints-row-better/#:~:text=The only customization options for,and what haircut they have.&text=Whereas the Saints Row series,from the second game onwards).
  7. brryronnie

    Stairway To Heaven.......Satanic?

    Listen some videos on youtube that has been backmasked. So creepy.
  8. brryronnie

    How did you get here?

    I was looking for cheats on my ps1 games like monster rancher. if anyone here knows some cheats or walkthrough, reply or message me. Thank you
  9. brryronnie

    What are you currently playing?

    I'm playing GTA san andreas, DOTA, LOL, Far cry. you guys also should try playing old games on ps1 via emulator
  10. brryronnie

    WWE Wrestling

    So many wrestlers have retired now. My favorite is undertaker. The legendary one.
  11. brryronnie

    Saw 4

    I watched all the movies of saw. still saw 3 is the best for me
  12. Flickonclick

    How to start workout from home?

    In a time where everyone is doing everything at a slightly slower pace, there has to be something that keeps your zeal in yourself. With gyms closed and fitness buddies distanced, it is a struggle to keep yourself fit. Individuals who have increased their sitting time may have lost the 'activity' time they had earlier. Many of us are heading towards the internet in search of ‘best fitness blogs’ or ‘top fitness blogs’ and end with ways that are not possible right now. Some of them suggest running and others suggest things like hitting the gym 7 times a week. Which is not possible at all in the times of coronavirus. So what to do throughout the day? The answer is simple: hit a minimum target of workout and keep your body tight and fit. Physical activity is a must. That is why, we have made the perfect cheat guide of top five exercise training for you to get back in shape, remove all boredom, and keep your energy level skyrocketed up. 1. Yoga Yoga is a systematic order of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. It is a disciplined form to attain your inner peace and attain mental stability. Due to many postures or 'Asans', the best thing about yoga is that whether you are an athlete or a couch potato, body type is unable to play its role in yoga as there are many types of yoga you could practice. There are the easy ones which gradually increase to the stiff ones. Yoga induces flexibility in your body and enhances your muscle strength. It also helps you maintain a balanced metabolism. 2. Calisthenics Calisthenics is a great form of workout that includes large muscle movements that include running, standing, and grasping. It is the body movement that relates to general fitness what athletes and parkour practitioners train. It was introduced as a type of military obstacle training course which has become famous for its vast exercise training. Calisthenics includes muscle-ups including pull-ups and chin-ups, dips, spins, flips, and overall body movement. The very reason that calisthenics is growing day by day is that it helps in weight reduction and maintain your cardio and circulatory health. 3. Zumba Dancing Zumba dancing is a type of dance form to achieve fitness goals. In Zumba, individuals are required to dance particular steps on high pace music such as salsa and flamenco. Zumba helps to improve your athletic performance. This is through regulating your muscle movement such as arms, glutes, legs, and back to their extent so that they memorize the expansion and contraction of every part. This expansion and contraction help your body dodge daily-pain activities such as climbing stairs, back spasm, and joint pain. 4. Rope Skipping Rope skipping is one of the most important aspects of a workout. You have to jump rope below your legs and land back on to the ground. Rope skipping is one of the easiest and fruitful exercise training for your body. As suggested by many trainers, rope skipping helps you burn fatty acids at a much faster pace. The effort it takes to jump rope for ten minutes is equivalent to running a mile in 8 minutes. It keeps the protection of your body from minor injury and promotes a strong physique. Rope skipping is a full-body workout that includes abdominal muscle movement, your leg muscles movement, and shoulder and arm muscle movement. 5. Hula Hooping Hula hooping is one of the most entertaining exercises on our list. And "Yes", adults can do it too. Hula hooping requires your body to maintain the circular movement of a plastic loop on your waist for as long as possible. Though it may seem easy or mediocre, experts suggest that hula hooping helps you to burn calories faster than many other exercises. Hula hooping provides better body respiration, boosts cardiovascular fitness, increases your core body balance, and works your lower body muscles perfectly. And the very reason why we added hula is that many people thank themselves for finding a workout that is fun and challenging and you look forward to doing it. According to our experts, the fitness guidelines suggest that you should have a minimum of 2 to 3 hours of working our regime to keep yourself steady for the period. Divide your exercise regime into slots. Go slows at the beginning and then gradually increase your time. Try to keep yourself steady and take a regular break in-between every set of these exercises. It will help you retain your muscle energy and keep your body fit and active. Also, take the adequate supplement before and after your workout to prevent a state of body failure. Also, instead of heading over repeatedly to the top fitness blogs such as Flickonclick , best Technology website and much more, you should invest your time in implementing the exercises mentioned here. We have collected the top 5 activities that you could try indoor or outdoor both which are beneficial for your body agility and make you more quick and active. Happy Exercising. Read More...... https://www.flickonclick.com/
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  14. GiiBz


    Can't even remember when I joined, but it must have been around 2007? Think I came looking for GTA SA mods, then needed help with them. I was probably like 13 at the time lol, I remember posting in some cars thread and trying to blag that my dads new car was my car or something fucking retarded lol. Good to see some folks are still here and do still miss this place. hopefully more people will join the discord server - I dont have the link right now, but if anyone wants it feel free to let me know.
  15. Hen925

    GTA MODS??

    Hello! Interested in GTA IV and GTA V graphic mods! Any opinions? If you want an updated list of the recent GTA V mods, I actually wrote an article that can be viewed HERE! Here is a brief summary: Graphics are a crucial part in GTA V. Have you ever wanted to enhance your GTA V gameplay? Or create a seamlessly different environment that is more immersive in GTA V? Mods are for you! Look at my article that describes the top ten GTA V graphic mods to immense your gameplay. What are your favourite mods???
  16. Hen925

    Arena War Cars???

    What are your favourite Arena War Cars?? I actually wrote an article HERE to show my favourite! Who wants to try and beat me? Let's go! Here's a brief summary of the article: Calling all GTA V Online players! If you enjoy playing Arena Wars on GTA V Online, this article is for you.! Here is an in-depth look at GTA V Arena Wars vehicles so you can pick the best one to crush your competition. Featuring cars of all type variety, styles and type to suit your Arena Wars need.
  17. Hen925

    Best car mod ever !

    Awesome! Thanks so much!
  18. Hen925

    GTA Wii

    Oh no, glad it didn't come to Wii! It wouldn't look too good LMAO
  19. Hen925

    GTA V - 4K 60 FPS settings on GTX 1070

    Yes! I would love one as well!
  20. Hen925

    Hunting people car bomb style

    LOL - I love it! That's such a good idea
  21. Hen925

    nothing new

    I love it! Nice job!
  22. Diverse Roleplay is a an English speaking community that is all about providing the best quality roleplay for their members. We at Diverse Roleplay keep a high standard of roleplay and enforce all of our rules fully. Our staff is trained to act professionally and are the best out there when it comes to punishing rule-breakers and solving in-game problems. The server has a very strict rule of always roleplaying to the best of your ability. Trolling, bad grammar and other impurities in roleplay will be punished by our administrator team. The Diverse Roleplay server uses an edit of the PR-RP script which is being worked on by our development team which consists of highly experienced PAWN developers and mappers. The gamemode all in all is highly developed and has been worked on for multiple years by a couple of different people. Diverse Roleplay has the following features: [*] Default roleplay features such as buyable vehicles, houses and businesses [*]Default rolepaly factions such as LSPD, LSFD, LSG, DOC, San News and Radio Los Santos [*]Default roleplay jobs such as Taxi Driver, Mechanic, Trucker, Pizza Boy, Farmer and Streetsweeper [*]In-game registration system which consists of multiple roleplay related questions which are later submitted to the Helper team to decide if you are qualified to join the roleplay environment or not [*]Inventory system for players, vehicles, houses and businesses that allows players to store their items anywhere [*]Safe system for houses and businesses that allows for players to access that particular house's or businesses' inventory if you have the right combination [*]Vehicle engine and battery life system that requires mechanics to work on your vehicle in order to get you back on the road if you ever break down [*]Weapon clip system that forces more realistic roleplay on players and requires them to reload in a realistic manner [*]Weapon license system which is controlled by the LSPD [*]House and business backdoor system that allows for two entrances into each house or business [*]Marijuana growing and crack cooking system where official factions are given the rights to acquire the required materials to do so [*]Weapon warehouse system where official factions can acquire weapons and regulate the flow of them into the server [*]An attachments system where players can head to the clothing store and design their character to their liking [*] A realistic knock out system where players get knocked out when low on HP. (Melee weapons only) The Script itself has been a work in progress for over 8 years. And is constantly being worked on by Diverse Staff to make roleplay environments more fun and unique with all realism. www.diverseroleplay.com https://discord.gg/SGWmwh6
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  24. rockstarrem

    GTA sa

    Is the save game from a newer or older version of the game? Could it be corrupted? Can you try another save file?
  25. ant_sh

    After approx 30 seconds game lags/stutters

    How to fix choppiness and stutters in GTA IV Complete Edition 2020 v1.2.0.32 in Windows 10 If your game starts OK but stutters like crazy when you’re driving in Algonquin near the park or flying in a helicopter near a bridge, read on. After some research I came to the conclusion that the game itself is not the culprit here and choppiness/stutter is clearly a renderer issue as many people report that enabling steam overlay helped them and – surprise - DXVK works magic on GTA IV, e.g. even translating Direct3D calls to Vulkan is faster and has consistent fps+frametime! So I researched further and found that this crappy legacy D3D/DDraw renderer problem is very common with older games. It is usually solved by: Fixing native Windows D3D9 renderer with DDrawCompat – game looks as intended, gameplay is pretty smooth Avoiding crappy native renderer altogether and translating output to superior DX11, OpenGL or Vulkan renderers – game looks nearly as intended, gameplay is silky smooth, 3-5 fps may be lost in translation 8) but DXVK method may even yield fps! I tried different methods from two groups above with GTA IV and they were the only reliable ones that helped to achieve smooth gameplay and consistent frametime in Algonquin. So here’s quick-n-dirty method that fixes native D3D renderer Install Ultimate ASI Loader (already installed in FitGirl repack) Download dxwrapper, unpack dxwrapper.asi/.ini into GTA IV folder or plugins subfolder Edit dxwrapper.ini [Compatibility] DDrawCompat = 1 ATTENTION: DDrawCompat on multi-core CPU will load 1st core at 100% by default. To load cores evenly the following must be enabled in dxwrapper.ini: [DDrawCompat] DDrawCompatNoProcAffinity = 1 Optionally may enable antialiasing here if it is not already enabled in nVidia/AMD driver settings: [d3d9] AntiAliasing = 1 For extensive research of different methods to fix choppiness and stutters in GTA IV see my blog post
  26. Tarzan27

    Welcome To Los Santos

    Hi! Looking for the greatest and friendly SA-MP server similar to GTA Online with the same features? Feel free to join us at www.gta-multiplayer.cz! Let us tell you a part of the features of the servers! *You can play a bunch of minigames such as basketball, pool, deathmatches, triathlon, races and much more! *Video game QUB3D from GTA IV. *Stock Market [BAWSAQ] from GTA V. *Weekly updates and the best anti-cheat system. *Regular events every 15-30 minutes(Fallot, Moving Platforms, Death run, Hide and seek, Warzone(similar to PUBG and Fortnite), etc.). *Property system. *Casino which includes Slot Machines, Roulette, Video Poker, Fortune Wheel, Horsebetting. *Lottery system. *All of the singleplayer gangs. *Heists from GTA V. *Lots of Garages, Hotel Suites and Houses to purchase. *Friendly, helpful and professional staff members. *Strip clubs, clothes stores, hidden packages, money zones/bags, spray tags, horseshoes, oysters *Organization system where you can buy your own business and offices where you can start ceo challenges and ceo works with your members. *You can do unique missions (Sweet, Ryder, Big Smoke, Madd Dog, Cesar, Woozie, Catalina, Zero, Truth and Toreno). *The server has more than 30 unique jobs (Securicar, Police, Paramedic, Drug Courier, Burglar, Pimp, Lawyer and much more!) Do not hesitate and join us now! [CZ] s1.gta-multiplayer.cz (WTLS 1) [EN] s2.gta-multiplayer.cz (WTLS 2) [EN] s3.gta-multiplayer.cz (WTLS 3) [CZ] s4.gta-multiplayer.cz (WTLS 4)(SA-MP 0.3DL) Server's website: wwww.gta-multiplayer.cz/en Check out our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/GTAMPCZ/videos
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