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  2. I have no idea how to title this other than the main body of content, but the RDR, as I pointed out in my Twitter email, indicates that the RDR is a long-term available commemoration, for a period 10 years old. 2010....along with major arrangements of the additional awe-related content adorning cps test chatib the game, which some thought was too much for its main action contribution, a truly huge guide accommodated various options and weapons, along with a whole new taking on the evil of the undead a dream, completely different from what ever graced the GTA as a gamble. Rockstar San Diego did, most of us wanted another full sequel or prequel. This is also important in terms of overall delivery (as it covers 2 years between consoles in increments), the game was probably in development for a few years before the deal, possibly dating back to 2005 in fact.
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  8. Did you ever get a save file after this mission? Please share if you still have it. Thanks.
  9. OMG I never thought that I would see another post from this website, TGTAP was and it still is one my favorite GTA fansites! I used to download many mods from here and get updated from stuff related to GTA. Hope to see more news coming and more people visitng the site
  10. I like gta v radar mod for gta sa, but i want the radar is circular, not square, how i do that ? Thanks
  11. It's been a long time coming. In fact, it's been almost a whole decade since we had a new GTA game to talk about! But yesterday, Rockstar Games finally confirmed that development of the next instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series is "well underway". I think most - perhaps all - fans of the franchise suspected this to be the case, but until now it was pure wishful thinking. The confirmation came as part of the latest community update posted on the Rockstar Newswire, and this following tidbit of information has already seen fans buzzing on social media with speculation. See also: Twitter thread Attention has been cast on that final sentence in particular: Of course, this could just be a mere figure of speech, but many fans are already speculating that this could point to a futuristic setting. Indeed, we've already seen Rockstar Games explore the 80s, 90s, and modern day era with the releases from GTA III through to GTA V, so a near future setting would provide something fresh for the developers to work with, and give even more creative freedom surrounding the gameplay and storytelling. That being said, it's important to note that this is simply speculation for now, Rockstar Games as a company is famous for remaining tight-lipped regarding information on upcoming titles. Speaking of which, forget the setting or location, we don't even have the title yet. We're tentatively referring to it as GTA VI for now. Does this mean TGTAP is coming back? Good question! It's been over 5 years since we last posted any news on the website. GTA Online of course became Rockstar's main focus throughout this time, and the unstoppable rise of social media, and Rockstar's own Newswire blog, rendered most of the smaller fansites like ours somewhat redundant. The drastic drop in traffic, coupled with real life getting in the way, has meant that fansites like TGTAP - and numerous others - have been neglected. I won't deny that this announcement has certainly piqued my interest once again, though, so no promises but all I can say is... we'll see.
  12. New update coming soon story missions. There are several story lines and it will be up to you which one you choose. You complete missions with 7 given people. They give you a task and you have to complete it. Most of the missions are multiplayer, so you can invite friends to simplify your progress. Super Party missions are coming soon. Don't forget to shoot us a like and subscribe. You can also share the video on your social networks.
  13. when i drive, sometimes the every sound is gone but the radio is the only thing i can hear, then i go to garage to close the door to fix it but how do i fix it without having to go to garage
  14. On the old GTA SA, I found this mod ( GTA San Andreas No Women Mod - GTAinside.com ) useful to let my younger brother play, as there were no more prostitutes on the streets after installing the mod. I was wondering if such mod could be made for the new definitive edition or not?
  15. @Slayer star war is one of the best game i have ever played
  16. I am really interested. I have been playing the game, since my childhood. Can you update me with the charges?
  17. Invitation to Xmas Party 23.12. 2021 AT 6:00 PM on our servers, we will be glad if you join to have a look.
  18. Yo that's what i want to fingure out myself
  19. Hi, I had a similar problem, you need to update Direct X. And it is DirectX 9 of the latest version. (For example, you can take a disc with some game, find and install DirectX9 on it). But also temporarily this problem can be solved like this: go to the folder *: \ windows \ system32 \, copy any of the files of the d3dx9 _ **. dll type to the directory with the game and rename it to d3dx9_31.dll. You can also put this file in *: \ windows \ system32 \ if other games require this file - so that it does not fit into every folder with the game. Yes, you need to update Direct X.
  20. So i reinstalled GTA San Andreas and figured it might be better to play with gameplay, texture, and other mods. I followed this youtube vid: I installed everything but somehow, I get these kinds of textures, walls, etc. Hoping for a fix.
  21. Sup guys am having problems with enb i think i was instaling few mods to make the game better and one of the graphics mods had this reflection problem the same thing was with a gun its like at the end of the gun its a shadow or something like that . Please help cuz the mods are good and i dont want to change them exept if its needed
  22. I fucking amaze myself

  23. Respected Citizen i think that there should be offiline players as well as in gta samp to make it more realstick.. THANK YOU
  24. Hello sir/mam i have seen that police officers get off duty after gattingf out off the vehicle but i thik it is wrong because once a police officer should always be a police officer but yes if he did's a crime then he shoulb be behind the prison.. And one more thing that please do a lit for me and one and all players playing (Welcome to las santos 3) that higher rank police officers can give order to lower rank police officers.. That's all for Today please look into it. THANK YOU
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