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  4. I mentioned in the CTW thread I got iPods dirt cheap at a thrift store in Minnesota called Savers, Don't know how wide spread the chain is, but they're usually better then the Goodwills in town. Also a non profit called Freegeek turned around donated Apple iPads, just first and second gens so far, but dirt cheap as noted above. The most I paid was my first Apple iPad from Savers for $80 bucks, turns out that's eBay's price as well, so no real steal there. Thanks to buying GTA3 for iPod Touch and having it work on 4th gen spec, I used my account on the first 2nd gen IPad I bought, white with the camera built in and IIRC 16GB of memory versus 32GB for the Ipod Touch. Anywho, it downloaded easily to the more powerful, newer iPad 2nd gen with bigger screen and more power to show off the ware. I will say that it's a quirky control scheme, but you can adapt, and it's neat it's so easy to use and DL was valid for both Apple product thanks to iTunes working favorably this time (versus the usual complaints about the proprietary system)
  5. BlackListedB

    Which platform do you prefer to play GTA Chinatown Wars on?

    I've still to buy a working PSP Vita, but I did get Apple iPad 1 and 2 the past year or so, and several IPOD Touch 4th gens, however, they did a sweeping change from 256MB internal operating Memory to 512MB and A4 to A5 processors as I understand it, thus the iOS updates and subsequent iTunes iStore compatibility are in turn effected. I do so hope again hope that Rockstar have a future plan to save Sony PS Vita, I'll keep advocating for the system!!
  6. BlackListedB

    Online Gaming TOO busy?

    Just my current musing shared here,. to add to the long drought of being away, my wish as I keep playing the old GTAs, etc. Is for some more thought of Rockstar adding DLC for single player, it seems with the goofy Hot Wheels tracks in GTAOnline and everything else breaking away from traditional GTA into Saint's Row territory has lost most of my interest in what makes GTA and Rockstar more unique. They are playing favorites when they try any favorable scheme, however, not against another Zombie spinoff for RDR2, however, it seems to me there is a strong horror reality vibe of sorts, and some SciFi leanings in it already. GTA as you know, as reality based as that series is, played to the idea of something 'Other-worldly'. The reason for this post is about lacking Single Player substance threat continuing despite the promise of more console power and ever increasing memory and storage. To me, Rockstar do spend the most, or brunt of their time at least, making a map to play in, thusly it can't have usable exploits based around the amount of missions in it's entirety, but one thought did occur to me for DLC, just as SIngle player mode had expanded with more music and cars-vehicles, Why not add new character NPCs to task missions in new locations left unexploited originally? For SP specifically
  7. BlackListedB

    Alive Check

    I'm still alive and over 52 years of age now, as old as some of my heroes it seems, People I respected are usually older than I am, and a lot of the celeb heroes are dying the past few years. I'm alarmed, but my mission is to carry the flag for what they represented as long as I can. GTA and RDR don't often get the top game accolades by the general gaming press, but we know better. I'm back playing GTA5 in fact, and will soon the older games, in the fact that GTA4 celebrated it's 10th anniversary to nary any fanfare. I hope the forum stays up, GTAForums is at times too crowded and active for more one on one, family vibe. And the haters are still there as I've seen. Don't want to provoke more ire
  8. Noru

    Alive Check

    Alive and Well. I usually check this place once awhile. Always nice to take look back at the past
  9. Hi, I've been having trouble installing this map mod, I've installed everything correctly and it's still not loading, I'm using the Steam version downgraded to 1.0 via a downgrader and have Cleo 4 installed as well, What am I doing wrong? Here's a vid of what I'm trying to install. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPAoyAE_oRY
  10. elianahermione

    Problem with updated 1.0.678.1 Addon Cars

    If you don't know how to make a car go faster then there is no way you will be able to actually do any of the work yourself, even if someone tells you everything you need to do. Your ignorance leads me to believe that you are a kid, so I don't think you will be able to pay someone else to do it for you either. Looks like you're gonna have to leave your car stock.pay to do my essay UK
  11. keep buying and buying the gun you want until your ammo counter reaches full, buy one more gun of that type and the ammunition reader will disappear from that spot. if you already have that gun but have an uneven amount of ammo for it, keep buying it until you can buy no more, fire off a round and try to buy more, and keep doing this process until u can buy one more pack of bullets. unlimited ammo comes in handy quite often. I need someone to do my history essay
  12. Hi, I tried a lot messing around with ReShade and SkyGFX to achieve the looks I want but the problem with SkyGFX is that car reflections are terrible and won't even work on some modded cars. So can you recommend an ENB for this PC? i7-4510U 8GB 840M 2GB
  13. Earthbound

    Alive Check

    I'm still here... kind of. I seem to log in every 6 months or so, just out of curiosities sake. Nice to see some old names still kicking around. Some of us have been a part of this community for over 15 years.... wow!
  14. camike

    Feedback & Suggestions

    Your game is cool and fun, I hope you have more games to share with the players. candy crush soda
  15. HULLO MAI PEEPLEZ?!! .... lol jk But on a real note, Let us imagine that someone were to obtain a copy of GTASA, if you will, from an "orrent-tay" or from any other source that should provide a copy for those in need/broke . To be more specific, let's say this download consists of two folders that are required to be kept in the same folder/location together in order for the game to run properly and are NOT found in C:/ ... Program Files/GTASA but wherever you decide to keep them. All you have to do is open gta-sa.exe from the specified folder and it runs - no installation or setup needed. Is it still possible to use mods with this?
  16. camike

    GTA Classics or GTA Advance

    Your writing impresses me deeply, and I hope you will have more good articles in the future to give readers a new perspective on life. temple run 3
  17. So, not sure if this has ever happened to anyone else. But, my game froze after the NVIDIA screen as well. My task manager kept showing that GTA was opening an installer to install something.. weird, I know. Turns out it was "Nikon Movie Editor". So, I tried completely deleting the program with "revouninstaller". Deleted all of its files and registry items from my PC, so when GTA had nothing to open, the game worked fine. Spent a few hours trying to find out why my game wouldn't start, and I have no idea how this even made sense but it worked.
  18. I'm very suitable and your this post your theme, it is very understand and provide more many deep depth to read people, thank you have sharing. run 3
  19. Your writing leaves me a lot of experience and a deep impression, I hope you will have more and better articles in the near future to share with readers. color switch
  20. camike

    What do you think about the new game.

    I read your post, really, it left me so much impressed with this article, I hope you will have more great articles to share with readers, thank you. color switch
  21. gta5on_guide

    Map Editor Gta 5 Mod

    GTA 5 Map Editor Allows You to Spawn Different Things People are currently arguing if it is proper to call it as Map Editor since it does not necessarily allow you to edit the map’s layout. However, it was named as Map editor GTA 5 Mod by the creator, so we can do nothing about it. Instead of allowing you to edit the map, it allows you to spawn various objects such as vehicle and ramp into the world of GTA5. Basically, the creator is comparing it with the editor of San Andreas, so in case you have an experience in using that type of mod, you will basically get the idea behind this mod. Guide on the GTA 5 Map Editor Tool During the designing process, you will have the free cam that you can use to navigate around. You can also get a preview of the object that you spawned. After you are satisfied with the changes that you made, you can save your map in different formats before loading it. Here are some of the things that you need to remember when using the Map Editor GTa 5 mod. Controls The control of this Map editor is something you need to be familiar with in order to design the world freely and easily. When opening the menu screen, simply hit F7 (or R3 and LB). W-A-S-d is how you can conveniently navigate around the map. It can also be used when rotating a particular object. When you selected a certain object and you want to move it down or up, or perhaps you want to rotate the object, hitting the Q and E is the right way to do it. Screenshots: In terms of the spawning Menu, there are different controls that you can use to spawn. The F key can be used to open the menu intended to spawn objects. P is for ped spawning and the V for vehicle spawning. You may also spawn marker on this map editor GTA 5 by hitting the arrow up button. Other functions are somehow pretty obvious; the left click is for observing an object, right-click is used to move the object while observing it and the mouse wheel can be used to rotate the object. Installation Guide Before you proceed, you need to make sure that you have ScripyHookV in your system You should also check your operating system if you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 or 2013. You should also check if you have the most recent version of ScriptHookCDotNet. Make sure to read the requirements first. You should also install the latest version of Native UI Download the Map editor GTA 5 Mod and extract all the content of the zip file into the directory folder. In case you do not have the directory folder. Right click, then choose create new folder. Rename the New Folder to Directory. This Map editor has allowed the players to create some dimension in a place that gets too redundant. Even the place with valleys and hills such as the Los Santos can get boring if it is too repetitive. Download Link for Map : Map Editor Gta 5 Mod YOU CAN FIND OUT YOU NEED AT GTA V
  22. Huckleberry Pie

    Alive Check

    Yeah, I miss the days when both our sites were rife with activity. Been trying to contact Neil lately to no avail either. If anything, people moving on to other games along with the negative impression gamers felt over Take-Two corporate's scummy business practices (e.g. microtransactions and loot boxes being implemented in GTAO and NBA 2K) have caused a decline in interest, not to mention that the Benz himself isn't pleased either as we all know. As far as spambots are concerned, I've used MyBB's built-in anti-spam feature along with the Purge Spammer plugin. Few if any are able to barge in and dump garbage into my site lol.
  23. Guest

    Problem with updated 1.0.678.1 Addon Cars

    We do not encourage pirated things in this forum. Please do not post that stuff here.
  24. Guest

    Special moments in GTA V - 2015 Highlights

    Holly shit! So cool! Wish I could do stuff like this
  25. Guest

    GTA V Textures/Colors Problem

    That looks really weird. Have you tried reinstalling GTA V? It might be a problem with your GPU settings. Set them to default and run the game.
  26. Guest

    GTA V PC crash

    Reinstall GTA V or recheck the files of GTA 5. This solved the problem for me.
  27. Guest

    Looking for Military crew to join

    LCCS looks cool. I'll contact you!
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