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  3. Yeah I remember when Spider-Vice banned me on gtaforums about 2 months ago because I logged into a different account.
  4. This gtaforums is shit, I've been banned many times, let's say this community is toxic and horrible.
  5. We proudly introduce our Xbox Series X|S RP Server, tailored for individuals seeking a family-oriented environment. Embark on your journey as a civilian, perhaps as a distinguished business magnate, a mastermind controlling the realm of crime, or even as a dedicated law enforcement officer who might tread the line between duty and temptation. The vast expanse of possibilities awaits your exploration, enabling you to shape and conquer your own world. Commended by recent appraisals, new entrants to our server seamlessly integrate into a community of kindred spirits, forming bonds that elevate the enjoyment of every interactive session. This solidarity enhances the immersive experience of every scenario! We continually seek to expand our roster, irrespective of the volume of participants already partaking in our HQ and Main Server. Our doors remain open, recognizing that not everyone has yet had the opportunity to join our ranks. Features - A discord server that is always active and maintained. - A working, professional CAD/MDT. - Provided Training if needed - An online banking system. - etc. Departments - Civilian Operations - San Andreas Highway Patrol - Los Santos Police Department - Blaine County Sheriff's Office - San Andreas Fire Department - San Andreas Courts - etc. Should you aspire to become a citizen of San Andreas and inaugurate your fresh chapter, we invite you to follow the link provided below. Our diligent staff stands ready to respond promptly to your inquiries and initiation. Click Here to Join our Discord!
  6. I got banned on my main account for apparently trying to avoid banning through multiple accounts even though I only had one at the time! I don't know if I was created or what so I had to result to making a new one as it was 10 years ago.
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  9. Digging out old hardware, testing equipment, I got through early cutscene on the tried and true Xbox 360 version GTA 4 Sadly it froze up, definitely unexpectedly, I did the most ill-advised move- pick up the Xbox unit itself and hold it at different angles to help the laser diode if sticking, however, the disc physically scraped internally, ruining it for good... So avoid that move at all costs, it's best to eject the disc and try again. Now there's another challenge, where to get a replacement disc. George Floyd 2020 riots with police and protestors burned many businesses in Minneapolis, and in my locale, so there's far fewer resources, and the brick and mortar stores aren't around like they used to be, one great option is Goodwill Easterseals Thrift stores, or pawn shops however
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  12. I heard that there were some rifa tags left in sf between others unused and supposed traces of the beta version were leaked in the sa:de files?
  13. Well RockstarGames probably offer legit tips when it is, by nature; legit hardware and software issues. I would try there as well I am planning a Playstation 5 like so many in advance of GTA6 Playstation Network & GTA-Online as well, been not taking part for over more than a year, and already there's speculation over longevity been expressed because the servers and servicers by extension, have to be living and breathing people / entities, and by extension, not operated in perpetuity
  14. I try different computers capability with the PC versions of old; so much easier to install than 4-5 GTA
  15. While I dug up the PC version for older laptops etc, I found I'd still much prefer a controller and using the defaults, the mouse for camera and keys for movement just makes you wish they all had modern improvements which is why Rockstar is probably revisiting well known USA territories While I plan to look back into controller capability, the good olde Paddle option of gamings' yesteryear. There was an EZ solution hardware-wise devised for owners of Playstation 2 controller adapted via USB where a driver is also available, to my knowledge. Just hope to find it again, long lost one maker came up with a mini joystick that fits over conventional QWERTY arrow keys as well, this can be helpful when it stays in place!
  16. SarahMz

    My experience

    I tried playing with this version and I really liked the interface and the graphics are of the highest quality, very enjoyable https://ragemultiplayer.com/
  17. We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.
  18. I try to install hot coffee mod on android but it's not working.
  19. Just as a tech-aside; The VHS JVC VCR already had a footing, but every year, Sony out-did them with new Technology offerings, in the Betamax video tape realm Just to point out to y'all too young, whippesnappers... 1984 being 40 years in the not too distant past, marks a notable upgrade for VCR owners and buyers First VHS Video Home System by Victor Company of Japan debuted HR-D725U VCR model marked the first VHS Hi-Fi Stereo, linear stereo Video machine from the founding company I can attest, having owned two, NEC made the second one I picked up, rare and rarer still today, but NEC branded what JVC initially designed, a super high fidelity Audio system that the ads say rivaled all the other equipment of the day, if not outperformed it! A blocky remote, wireless even then... came with, unique to that was separate On and OFF buttons. A feature of early new tech decks of this type, are that linear tracking STEREO 2-channels still existed on machines because previous media aka tapes, did not have HiFi instantly available Another key feature of these era machines is that they included TWIN MIC as in Microphone inputs, Left and Right instead of a combo. A Headphone Jack, L/R meters and Level adjust, the ability to Audio Dub onto already recorded tape, a new linear stereo track, or two discrete single channels, while Hi-Fi was Depth-Multiplexed into the Helical scan video signal part of the tape, hence, these made excellent audio tape machines, as did LaserDisc for CDs that got scratched and beat up, the LaserDisc could play them in later years better than stand-alones
  20. Not sure the best place for this post but I'm going YouTube crazy with more than just a 10th Ann run-thru with Ned Luke and occasional GTAO stuff, but checking out all the Rockstar Games Voice Actor YT stuff I never knew about for some reason. Lots of it starts with gaming and TV Movie Conventions , few of which, ever held around where I live Actors voicing Red Dead Redemption and GTA have popped up in the past 2-10 years and obviously with GTA6 now a bit less than hinted and leaked, it seems more interest daily Getting established with the gaming community mostly online, a Year ago, thereabouts, is Solo, voice actor Shawn who plays Franklin Clinton in GTA5,. I've not followed him before Ned made plenty of references about him and who is a voice talent that actually games, for their own personal fun [Trevor Philips' Steven Ogg does not, be forewarned] Anyway, turns out Solo asked and got permission for his own Server from Rockstar, on an established player platform called FiveM if memory's serving,,, Solo had to pre-empt a lot of his plans to do a GTA online experience of his own due to difficulty with the help... Anyone who's tried a non-GTAForums community on their own...hint, hint... They know this crap first hand Again, surprised in the first place Rockstar Games lets these voice-motion capture actors talk at length about the game, but that Solo is estute enough to want to take on the server operation for his own gaming, he tried other avenues expressly to that end, ... Like Twitch, but few people might be likely to go that route, so following Ned Luke's lead, he's setting up a system on YouTube to not only stream game fun segments along with Ned and Signing and giveaways of his own stuff, AWESOME!! BTW He's going to be showing segments of his personal life as well, and it's all very very cool!! Wish he could get Young Mayley of GTA San Andreas to stop in at some point, he's shown us his own dog, baring I think, a close resemblence to Chop!
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