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  3. Huckleberry Pie

    Alive Check

    Yeah, I miss the days when both our sites were rife with activity. Been trying to contact Neil lately to no avail either. If anything, people moving on to other games along with the negative impression gamers felt over Take-Two corporate's scummy business practices (e.g. microtransactions and loot boxes being implemented in GTAO and NBA 2K) have caused a decline in interest, not to mention that the Benz himself isn't pleased either as we all know. As far as spambots are concerned, I've used MyBB's built-in anti-spam feature along with the Purge Spammer plugin. Few if any are able to barge in and dump garbage into my site lol.
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  5. IHateEverything

    Problem with updated 1.0.678.1 Addon Cars

    We do not encourage pirated things in this forum. Please do not post that stuff here.
  6. IHateEverything

    Special moments in GTA V - 2015 Highlights

    Holly shit! So cool! Wish I could do stuff like this
  7. IHateEverything

    GTA V Textures/Colors Problem

    That looks really weird. Have you tried reinstalling GTA V? It might be a problem with your GPU settings. Set them to default and run the game.
  8. IHateEverything

    GTA V PC crash

    Reinstall GTA V or recheck the files of GTA 5. This solved the problem for me.
  9. IHateEverything

    Looking for Military crew to join

    LCCS looks cool. I'll contact you!
  10. IHateEverything

    Probably the the most epic GTA V video yet...

    Really cool. Will check it out
  11. IHateEverything

    nothing new

    Damn! Looks awesome!
  12. IHateEverything

    Where to you meet Packie in GTA 5?

    GTA 5 has been so great! Really looking forward to the next one
  13. How do i download it
  14. music23

    Problem with Google Chrome

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  15. music23

    EA Launches Hostile Takeover Bid for T2

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  16. Acacia

    New Easter Egg on PS2 version only! (#11)

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  18. jenny23

    Whats up with save games ?

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  19. jenny23

    Save game location

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  20. Scott.

    Alive Check

    Checking in as alive! Nice to see some names I remember haha
  21. Strike9

    San andreas deluxe

    this issue was fixed by changing settings in the limit adjuster
  22. VersedFlame

    Textures loading slowly, then dissappearing

    I got it on Steam and I got the same problem xd (yay, I'm 6 years late :D)
  23. Strike9

    San andreas deluxe

    Ok the airtrain has been replaced with another model that works properly, except it has no doors. anyway, with the fixing of one issue comes more. I figured out how to create spawn points for cars using a cleo script, however this has one limitation in that I can't spawn vehicles that have an id outside of a certain range. Apparently this number is 614, anything higher than that the script will ignore. allthough those vehicles can be spawned naturally in traffic by adding them to the cargrp file. I don't know if lower ids will work. But the UFO is 612 and the airtrain is 613, so they can be spawned. Everything else at this point is 186XX.
  24. Strike9

    San andreas deluxe

    It's a pet project of mine to try to expand san andreas in a way that makes it look as if it was intended. First off I started with the basics, I added a bunch of cars. Most of which are derivatives of cars already in the game. Such as a civilian lvpd car, or a romero sedan. Some are vice city models, and LCS or VCS models. Preferably vice city models if I can help it. The rio is also added, but I have never seen it spawn. As well as a Stardust house boat, which I thought was a cool mod and just had to add to the game. Which is also the explanation for why I added a tempo matador, I just liked the mod. Some models are replaced with better ones, such as the shamal and dodo have been replaced with colourable versions. Where the differences weren't enough to justify creating another model. All the added cars share handling with pre-existing car, because of a limitation where I can't figure out how to add custom handling (The game doesn't read any lines added to the file. ) I think I had a mod that allowed this, but the added cars would then be silent. Furthermore some spawn points were added, such as an andromada now spawns in the LV airport, off to the side of the runway, where it fits pretty well, and an added in ufo spawns in area 69 in front of a garage. The ufo shares it's handling with the sparrow, but that is all. You can still find the sparrow in its usual places. All added vehicles have custom gxt entries and sound sets that were thought to be appropriate for them. Future plans: Add more cars, until I quite possibly can't add any more. I think I will run out of space in the car.grp file first, rather than ids. I really want to add more myths, like bigfoot and leatherface, dessert serial killer. which will probably just be aggresive peds that have high health and spawn points in the middle of nowhere. Like bigfoot spawns in the middle of the forrest and wanders around, running from the player if seen. Leatherface spawns with a chainsaw at midnight and trys to kill the player, the dsk spawns in arco del oeste at midnight and tries to kill player with country rifle. Minor map modifications. I don't want to interfer with the storyline in anyway, I still want the game to be playable, just extended. Questions: I got an airtrain added in that crashes the game when entering, does anybody have a mod for this plane that works? It's sharing it's handling with the at-400. It only crashes when trying to enter it it will spawn and sit perfectly without threatening the integrity of the game. Is it possible to add trains? Is it possible to add custom audio without replacing anything pre existing? I think it would be cool if the ufo had custom sound effects, and that's litterally the only thing I want it for at this moment. Although, maybe custom sounds for bigfoot\leatherface\dsk down the road would be interesting too. Is it possible to add custom weapons? Is it possible to add spawn points for custom vehicles\peds by using a cleo script, without editing the game files so I don't have to start a new save every time I do so? Or do I have to do that even with a script?
  25. snapch23

    The Sims 2 and the expansion packs

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  26. GiiBz

    Alive Check

    Yeah, seemed to have really blown up over the weekend =/ I don't really play on my PS3/4 these days, moved over to Steam now and play mainly on PC. My Steam user is 'Giibz' (screen name PzKfw Tiger I) Think we might have played some GTA 4/5 online way back in the day? Unless I'm getting confused with another Chris on my list lol. I was amazed to see Kokane was still coming on here too, another name from the old days!
  27. Chris

    Alive Check

    That's actually very recent, like the last 2 weeks or so. I don't know... we're on the latest version of IPB, we're using their anti-spam service, but it's useless, the bots still get through. Might disable registrations for a while, seems to be the only way to prevent them getting through. I had to check your username history and profile but yeah I remember. There are plenty of users I didn't talk to much one to one but at least recognise their usernames if they were frequent posters. I noticed a comment on my profile back in 2010 saying that you had added me on PSN. I rarely play PS3/PS4 these days but curious what your username there is? I'm guessing we never played anything together?
  28. GiiBz

    Alive Check

    I've been lurking here on and off for a couple of years now too. Not sure if you even remember me lol... Shame this whole area seems to be totally clogged with spambot posts nowadays though
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