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    Actually playing and enjoying Super Mario All-Star.
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    I've read the premise! It sounds good. My sister is currently going through this series Dmac - I'll have to ask her what she thinks of it. [Winona Ryder is fabulous] Digressing but I've still got a ways to go with Mad Men, and 2 more seasons with Parcs and Rec. Shoot there's like a dozen shows I need to finish... OTL Back to Stranger Things... the little girl having telekinesis piques my interest the most. Carrie by Stephen King was one of my favorite books growing up and to anyone unfamiliar with one of the masters in psychological horror literature Carrie is about a bullied girl that develops telekinesis and takes revenge upon herself. Telekinesis is awesome. It's been widely dismissed for a while being lacking proof but theories in psychology, philosophy of the mind and other branches of philosophy can and do deal with the nonphysical.
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    Who else has watched the series? Absolutely amazing and I can't wait for official confirmation of another season
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    Metro 2033. It's epic. Immersion runs deep with the good voice acting, and setting. I have the sequel ready to play when I beat this one. Playing Papers, Please when I'm bored and have half an hour to spar. GTA V on PC is great - let me know if you want to play some heists.
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    The new Tomb Raider for PC. It's really fun to play, but a whole lot different than the originals. Multiplayer is dope too.
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    Sailor Moon: Another Story for PC.
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    BTW, guys, I know a lot of worry has still come up over GTA V and PC specs required, based on issues common to RAGE and it's PC adaptation, I found out another caveat to getting a baseline gaming rig working nicely, the Dell Optiplex GX 620 is based around Intel's i945 chipset, and it supports Pentium D mainly, but since it's also used in the HP / Asus OEM boards I also have been testing, the Limestone Asus P5LP LE board, I noted two distinct memory limits, the Dell, of which I DO have more then one for testing, limits all RAM inserted to 266Mhz top speed, sadly, this is not what one truly wants in a game rig, you want the fastest CPU and RAM speeds, GPU combo you can, but as mentioned prior, it will run GTA IV, it just crashed for me playing Episodes from LC Ballad of Gay Tony. All stock except graphics, the now affordable ATI HD5450 PCIe card, which will run GTA IV PC edition stock, without the mods... but I suspect, as such, this type of mod using the earlier game elements should also work fine Asus' P5LP board is intended for OEM systems, so their website doesn't offer much detail on those boards, but again, standard Intel 945G chipset offers a baseline that is tested to work with RAGE, under a plain-Jane Pentium D dual core, or Hyper Threading Intel P4 The upside is that board caps RAM speed a tick higher at 333Mhz, Maybe the DDR plays into matching it closer to the Front Side Bus speed, I'm not too sure, but either way, match all your RAM sticks as closely as possible, obviously for Dual or Triple channel mode. By BASELINE, I mean the minimum requirement, and you'd be setting the graphics attributes on the lowest end, but it should offer a PC that will run this or standard GTA IV Another thing of interest as far as using OEM for gaming; http://www.sevenforu...s-card-buy.html As far as size, I downloaded Windows 8 for 64bit, that ISO is over 3GB in size, and burning the subsequent download proved an issue for getting a "hard copy" disc, at any time during a massive download, some error can pop up, and though it seemed I had the complete file, it was probably not properly tested afterwords, to verify integrity. The IMGBURN software I think is what I used to get ISO image to DVD RW
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    hi every 1 i downloaded gta 4 san andreas world enhancement beta 3 but i get a bypaas error... can any 1 help me fixing this....
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    One of the Mods for GTA IV PC was near on 3GB in size, I can't recall specifically which one, but around here, Broadband is delivered via Wifi to everyone in the city, I suppose this limits bandwidth somewhat severely
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    Just download the torrent version, leave it on overnight or something.
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    haha yeah coffee shops in amsterdam i am going to have a trip there
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    Not much of drugs here. It only stays at the coffee shops and just in Amsterdam. But not on streets.
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    Well i live in the Suburbs of Ipswich which is near Brisbane and it has about 135,000 people. Now i know this might sound racial but we have Aboriginies roaming the streets with their empty coke bottles sniffing paint.And we live near a train station and they all hang out there.
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    Well I just got into high school so the drug thing is coming to a lot of people. I for one am not going to do drugs at all. I have some friends that smoke a bit of weed every week or so, right now it's not bad but I'm hoping they won't go far. Another thing is that I live in Vancouver and there's this street called Hastings and it's a pretty long street. On the east side of it, is a HUGE drug section, like it is scary to even drive through there. People are messed up, their lives are getting wrecked and it's just horrible to see something like it. It's a huge problem in the city and Vancouver is trying to get rid of it by starting free clean needle clinincs. This has been very controversial because on one side it is trying to keep people on drugs safe by providing them with clean needles so there won't be infections but on the other side it is almost promoting drug usage. We even had this kind of debate in class about it. Pretty serious stuff with drugs, that's why I'm gonna stay clean.
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    I know how you feel. I witnessed my best friend succumb to that bull****. I'll be a little honest and admit that i've done weed, that's how him and I started. I grew out of that, but he stayed. I tried to help him, his girlfriend tried, even his family tried. But now he does coke and meth and I can't even look at him without wanting to beat him down.
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    Sorry if i'm bumping but i got to say this, Wrestling now days SUCKS i mean they have the dumbest gimmicks. Its soooooo predictable. And they should hire back Vince Russo. Who ever writes for them now SUCKS.
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    Ladies and Getlemen this is the retirement of the Undertaker, This is how it will happen he will win the rumble he wins the belt at wm he then gives sum message from the grave and retires the belt to cena, lashley or batista. But seriosly guys this is Undertaker's 17th year in the wwe and it is his time for Retirement so unfortuanly this is it as far as rumors coming from the wwe tell me. But as always Undertaker is a legend and will always be my favourite wrestler.
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    But still, if undertaker loses he is still one of my favourite wrestlers.
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