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    E3 2019 officially starts next week, but one of Ubisoft's big discoveries has already been destroyed by Amazon UK.

    The giant online store has previously released Watch Dogs Legion, the third chapter of the series. However, the store has already removed the game from the public sphere, but not before the first details are to be shared in various forums.

    Kotaku confirmed the leakage of information and confirmed that Watch Dogs Legion was real. The game will take place in the city of London and has innovative mechanics: you can play with someone of the characters you are walking along the street.

    According to the details revealed by Amazon UK, "Watch_Dogs Legion takes place in a distorted version of London: the world of psy-Brexit in which society, politics and technology have changed and changed the wealth of London."

    "London is one of the most iconic cities in the world and for centuries has a great influence on Western culture. London has a good sense of WD, as the city has one of the highest levels of supervision in the world, making it the perfect playground."

    The first few details also say that we can "play with anyone" and that "every person you meet in the world has a complete set of animations, vocal actors, wonders and visual elements generated by gaming systems."

    The Ubisoft Conference of E3 2019 is scheduled for June 10 (Monday).

  2. Basically, post whatever screenshots you've taken in a game and show them. 

    Any game and any platform goes, just as long as it has something to do with gaming 

    It could be some weird glitch, something you find beautiful/pretty or something completely different

    I'll get the thread going






    Super Mario Maker 2 is coming. Now with slopes, Fwoosh's, moving blocks, Super Mario 3D World skin, clear pipes, cat suits, and more environments!

    The game launched June 2019.

  4. I've been waiting for this game to get the PS4, I was really hoping for a PS4 Uncharted theme console/bundle. I am sure they will have something like that, but either way, I have a set date I will be getting a PS4 and this awesome game.

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